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TNO 212: The Confidence of Zack Snyder

Rod, Justin, Bacon and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Black Superman movie, Sony removes 8K tag, Avengers 5 casting rumor, Pixar reboots and live action movies, Mad Max spinoff movies in jeopardy, Zack Snyder 300 prequel, AI streaming service, Like a Dragon live action series, Evangeline Lilly announces acting retirement, WB thought Suicide Squad game would be a big, Xbox Showcase, Doom: The Dark Ages coming to PS5, The Acolyte sets viewing record for Disney, The Boys ending with season 5, Arcane ending with season 2, Regular Show getting new series, Marvel loses another Blade director, Jordan Peele meets with Marvel, PS5 users can chat on Discord soon, House of the Dragon renewed, Transformers / GI Joe crossover movie, Valve being sued in UK, new updates to PS5 and Xbox, Mr. And Mrs. Smith stars may return, Russsell Crowe on comicbook movie roles, Tesla Cybertruck police vehicle, Assassin’s Creed Shadows producer responds to Yasuke backlash, new Dora movie, Dog from Walking Dead dies, Delicious in Dungeon getting second season,  Creature Commandos coming in December, FromSoftware talks game design, Power Rangers series on Netflix running into issues, Rebel Moon director’s cuts coming in August, Blue Beetle animated series, new Xbox consoles, Enemy Mine remake in the works, woman caught smuggling Nintendo Switch games and Pokemon convention scam.



    Rod, Karen & esteemed guests, hope y’all had a great 4th of July.

    The latest Beverly Hills Cop film on Netflix delivers a pretty nostalgic effort, if not introducing anything new to the table besides new characters. Eddie cooked. While it’s no OG Beverly Hills Cop 1, it’s way better than 3, so it clears the mark.

    Got the new Powerwash Sim DLC for Alice in Wonderland on Tuesday. I don’t know when I’ll dig into it, but I’m looking forward to it.

    I have yet to watch the latest season of The Boys but I want to give a shout-out to Gen V, which I dug. Not as sharp as the first three seasons of The Boys but it’s as fuck program. I don’t know how Eric Kripke does it, but that motherfucker is as diabolical as Kendrick releasing “Not Like Us” on July 4th. Lawd!

    In closing, I must reference another old ass game before I leave: Rise of the Tomb Raider is a fucking beast. Just got back into the past weekend. I’m doing the Baba Yaga DLC. I’m not ready but I’mma go in & not be a bitch. Lara Croft give me strength.

    Y’all take it easy.

  2. rodimusprime

    G’Day Nerds,

    Been enjoying the Acolyte & The Boys & can’t wait for Deadpool & Wolverine.

    Played the Planet Zoo career mode again, but this time on Hard & completed that before the DLC drops at the end of the month. Plus, still plodding away on Coral Island while waiting for the update for that to drop.

    Also, went to a comic show & got a funko signed by Sophia Di Martino who is Sylvie in Loki.

    When I met her, the pen she had ran out & I asked if she wanted to keep the one I had. She said that would save the day, so I gave her the 2 paint markers to sign for the rest of the people. So I’m taking it as I saved Lokis day

    Have a good 1

  3. Sean

    Love the show!
    One question though, which is higher, the confidence of Zach Snyder or the confidence of a mediocre white man…

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