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2930: The Debate, The Supreme Court and Bronny James

Rod and Karen banter about their new mirror, Rod’s radio spot, Doctor apps, getting hand me down shoes and giving away their Peloton. Then they discuss more Diddy fallout, the first presidential debate, the latest Supreme Court rulings and a Black barber that claims he was played by the Trump campaign.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    I just want to thank you two for always taking the voting process so seriously and reminding people why it’s important to not dick around with this election or any other future elections. Personally I’m not taking any of these folks seriously calling for Joe to step down when :

    1) He has already defeated this muthafucka once in a landslide victory back in 2020(correct me if wrong Rod but weren’t his numbers possibly the highest win ever for a democrat or something like that?)

    2) When the obvious revelation that Trump is a child rapist has recently been released from sworn testimony from the dead PDFile -Epstein and NO ONE is calling for Trump to step down. FOH! I personally feel when the hang up is someone being old vs being a child rapist on top of all the other fucked up shit , I’m rocking with the old man .

    3) He is the only person who can beat him . Some dems are so damn fickle and no replacement candidate would be good enough at all.

    Anyways thanks again Rod & Karen for all that you do and say – appreciate your hearts , minds and souls!


    Also thanks again to yall and Justin for blessing us with a Balls Deep episode on the 4th! I wasn’t even expecting that , so that was a great surprise!

  2. ApiafromGermany

    I think the tv debates are maybe not a great idea overall.
    It’s good for the Tv business, but for a country? It’s just another show, like a sports game, and doesn’t say who would do the job as a president better.
    Politics as entertainment.
    What could go wrong?

  3. ThePinkSuperhero

    I was one of the many waiting for your thoughts on the debate and you did not disappoint. We need more voices like yours (and Allan Lichtman, whose book is very interesting if a little dry) that keep out of the drama and focus on the FACTS. Biden can and will win, and that’s it. You’d think if people were so concerned about his capacity, they’d want him to step down from the Presidency!

  4. EvieE

    Since I’ve been eligible to vote I’ve never let a debate sway my decision on who I will vote for. Am i a little concerned that Joe Biden isn’t as sharp as someone younger than him? Of course but I will still vote for him and I won’t feel bad about doing it. That man can pull his pants down on live tv and swing his balls from side to side and I’d still vote for him. It’s either him or Dump and a non vote or a third party vote is a vote for Dump so Joe Biden it is.

  5. Sean

    [skip if too long]
    When I was in High School in 92 my school basically last minute announced that everyone should head to the gymnasium for a speech from Dan Quayle.
    They handed cardboard Bush/Quayle 92 posters to everyone on the way in. A huge chunk of the students tore their cardboard into letters to spell Clinton or Perot…
    So many students tore up the signs that they couldn’t get a clean crowd shot. I had one teacher tear into me and some other students for being disrespectful. I came back that they should have informed us that we didn’t have to attend the propaganda rally with the halfwit.
    A week later when it came out that the Republicans hadn’t paid for using the facilities, I got the teacher to apologize to me.
    [If you skipped, start below here]

    Long story short, Republicans using deceit to fake support from people that hate their shitty party with good reason is not just a Trump thing.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Ok, let’s test this new Raphael!
    Where did you visit in Germany? Did you like it?

  7. RoninRaphael

    I just want to say thank you for this super awesome episode. Fuck Trump, I hate him with everything in me. Thanks also for playing the Allan Lichtman video, I had seen it one night but forgot to save it. Just in case no one has said it today, Ya’ll are the BEST PODCAST IN THE WORLD!

    I would like to apologize to Appiah and anyone who has responded to my comments in the past, I’m so used to receiving alerts from pages that I have accounts on whenever someone responds to a comment of mine that I forget to check back here. It’s not like I’m trying to ignore you. I’ll try to check back going forward, so I can respond to any potential questions or comments on my comments from fellow TBGWT family.

    • ApiafromGermany

      Sorry. Now I didn’t replay to you but posted a new comment. Sorry. It’s 7 o clock here in old Europe.

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