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PG 413: Can’t Beat the Ninja Turtle Charges

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss yard work, mosquitos, seeing an old acquaintance, unpacking, the debate, a week off, walking, new InBody results, car repairs, Clipped, Worse Roommate Ever, Supacell and listener feedback.



    Hey gang!

    Because I like to see things through, I finished clipped and it was very underwhelming from casting to just the way the story was told. No lies were told when Rod said Ed O’Neil (Al bundy) deserves atleast a nod for Emmy for his work! Fishburne just couldn’t get down the raspy ass voice. Of doc. And just the whole team was off as far as casting and depiction. The closest would have been Matt Barnes lol. Lavar Burton couldn’t save this series.

    I’m behind in regular shows, but have you guys discussed the NOT LIKE US music video? If you did just let me know which episode, you don’t have to go over it again unless you don’t mind.

    Lastly what are some of the crazy July 4th stories you guys heard? I got one, out here on Long Island, a young boy set off some fire works and 2 houses and a shed caught on fire, the man who gave the boy the fireworks was later arrested. Can’t speak for Nc but in NY them thangs are illegal! Speaking of them thangs, the hawk tua girl is gonna be hosting at a bar out in Long Island this Saturday. I heard she was a teacher and lost her job. I guess only fans is next if it hasn’t been started already….


    See. Y’all in Bds

    Fyahworks out

  2. RoninRaphael

    Oh btw is anyone watching Sprint on Netflix? I’m one episode in and it looks interesting !

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello everyone,

    Adding to RoninRaphel’s comment. It has been announced that Interview with the Vampire is coming to Netflix. I’m not certain when it is happening though (immediately with both seasons, or right before the green lit Season Three premieres). I was also able to get the first Season of Interview with the Vampire on Amazon Prime for like $5 during Prime Day, but I’m not certain if the Netflix deal will prevent Season Two from being purchased this way.

    • RoninRaphael

      Wow, that’s news I didn’t know. I might just wait to watch it on Netflix. What’s the point of AMC+ again?

  4. RoninRaphael

    Salutations to my fav trio in podcasting. Quick thing on Interview With the Vampire and AMC+, I watched the first season via Max. So I don’t know if all AMC+ shows are available on Max, but I just know that one day saw Interview with The Vampire on Max and was like thank the TV gods. So in case that’s why you haven’t watched the show. Still confuses me seeing AMC shows on both Max, Netflix and Hulu then they have AMC+ too. Love that channel but not enough to pay for the plus, nope!

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