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2933: The Harrenhall Projects

Rod and Karen recap HBO’s “House of the Dragon.”

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  1. Shoebootie

    I’m finally all caught up on dragons, so now getting all caught up on your dragon-talk. Y’all bring up a great point here about having women in the room … feminine perspective on the council, it really does bring a temperance to cool hot heads that just are hungry for war and blood. An excellent parallel being drawn between dragons and life – put women in the room, put some sense behind the heavy hand that craves swords.

  2. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I enjoyed this recap. I listen to several podcasts/YouTubers that break down Dem Dragons each week to pick up anything I may have missed. I won’t read the books, so getting different interpretations of the show helps me greatly. Thank you and Karen for your humorous take on Dem Dragons!

  3. EvieE

    This latest recap is the reason why TBGWT recaps are elite because this past television episode wasn’t as engaging to me as the first two but your recaps always bring nuance to things I may have missed. Not saying the episode was bad just that your recap made it so much better.
    I do kind of hope that Cole and his team run into Damon ant the Haurenhall Slums and his dragon and Damon lights those motherfuckers up. That would be awesome. I think it would open up the opportunity for Larys to be the hand and you know that dude is messed up in the head. I bet as the hand he would really shake things up and Alicent’s feet will never be safe.

    Great recap as always. Just wanted to say I appreciate all the work you put in it.

  4. ClassicRandBLover


    Rod, I’m one of the people who sent you something, and your reaction engendered no hard feelings on my part. It was not my intent to violate a policy you have clearly set forward, so that was my bad.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about Rhaena lately and she really is an interesting, if little spotlighted character. She is in the shadow of her big sister, Baela, whom their father has always favored. Heck even Rhaenys has an extremely close relationship with Baela. It is likely that her late mother was the only on Rhaena felt truly saw her. I for one am hoping that she gets her dragon and her moment to shine.

  5. Mwangangi

    To continue the Spades hand analogy… Now that time has advanced, and we see the set-up. Do you think you could bid Team Green’s and Team Black’s hypothetical spades hands?

  6. Kemdoc

    Excellent review!! I know nothing and I don’t even look at previews. I just wanna enjoy it without looking toward the next thing. Game of Thrones time is really special and we’re watching greatness being made. I immediately thought about the fact that Harrenhal was still kind of standing in Game of Thrones when Tywin was there. I’m rewatching the series since my girlfriend never watched at all (she absolutely loves it and watching her react to shyt is so special. We just got through Khal pouring the molten gold on Viserys and Dany not giving a damn because dragons don’t burn. She went up for that shyt and walked out the room Lolol). I’ll have to see what Harrenhal became. I just feel like Daemon will die there but maybe relatively old.

    Rod I think you’re right. The two black Sailors might be Corlys bastards. The convo with Rhaenys was giving me those vibes.

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