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2932: The Balls On Nick Cannon

Rod and Karen banter about getting new glasses, the box office resurgence and people who are still bringing up 2016 non-voters. Then they discuss LGBTQ News, Biden admin says doctors must perform abortions in emergency situations, RFK Vanity Fair profile, Nick Cannon insured his testicles, BET might be sold, Spice discusses ethnicity vs race and sword ratchetness.

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  1. cjphrek@gmail.com

    In the lead up to the 2016 election there were calls in the media to be “civil” to the relatives leaning towards fascism especially older adults, that arguing with them will only upset the thanksgiving table, now it’s happening again, but in the reverse of do make them feel bad for their mistakes they might vote against their best interests out of spite, again.
    The amount of protection that fascism gets with this current media is frightening, but it’s a feature of american culture to deny wrong doing and bad behavior, that’s largely how we got to this place, not only do people want to see the world burn they’re trying to find ways to make it go higher.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    My vision is strangely still perfect. I dont know why! But my father is 72 and still needs no glasses and he did all the tests recently because he had problems with eye pressure and had an operation for that two years ago. So he regularly goes to the eye doctor for a check up but still perfect vision.
    So I guess that’s that.

    • ApiafromGermany

      My mother’s vision was always very bad so I got lucky.

  3. Sean

    I mean, I once had some crazy roommates… one morning I woke up to one of my roommates vacuuming the walls because he was concerned that they may have asbestos in them…

    Then, the more common occurrence, I would hear a student going to the room above me for a private English lesson, and about half an hour later they had gone from oral practice to “oral practice” and I would know then that I should skip dinner because my very Christian roommate with a longterm GF was gonna want to go out drinking and talk about the frailty of the human condition and how he had to repent…

    No violence, but it was a crazy couple of months living with them…

  4. Dj

    1st love Rod’s shirt for the episode TMNT childhood in our home. Had to watch the replay, I’m in the catch-up crew for a while as I devour audiobooks for our public library Summer Read event during the times I usually listen to podcasts. I’m enjoying every single one I almost forgot how much I loved reading for pleasure as college and adulting then mothering just took away the leisure time to do so.

    I agree with the box office comeback. Slow & steady wins the race right?
    Every time we venture out to catch a show there’s been a nice crowd at the concessions, reality of course is not like pre-rona, but steady enough it gives the feeling they’ll make it. I don’t mind throwing them some change if I think something’s going to be good & I’m usually giving them more now because some movies will just be a given for the mini-me. Had to venture out for Garfield & Kung-Fu Panda, he’ll likely want to see Despicable Me & a few others to come. My friends & I made an outing out of Spy x Family (that movie was freaking adorable!) we plan for another for Deadpool and Wolverine.

    Mom tip for savings: don’t skip out on Drive-ins if you’re lucky to still have one nearby you. We get 2 movies for 1 ticket at our last local one for a steal compared to our indoor mall theatre. Concessions are almost the same price, but still cheaper, if you just don’t want to spend the extra sneaking your own stuff in is easy-peasy since they aren’t searching vehicles (ahh happy memories from the 90’s of whole children & coolers hiding under blankets in the backseat because mamma was the cheapest of cheapskates. For years I was 5 or 6 years old….. the “free” child age.) rofflmao

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