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Guest Spots From Last Week

In addition to a new Balls Deep podcast and four new Spoiled Movie Reviews we were on other people’s podcast as well last week. As always you can find the below podcast by searching their names on iTunes and Stitcher or just click the links below.

Rod and Karen were on “Gaming and Then Some” podcast talking about the new Xbox One.

Karen was on the Beatin Da Block Podcast with CyberSoulja and Montoyis K

Rod was on the Agents of Shieldcast “The Well” last week.


Have You Missed Us This Week? (RSS Feed Password Changing)

Sometimes you have to take a little time to yourself and we are no different. Fear not, the show will return Saturday for our feedback episode. Premium subscribers will still get an episode of Balls Deep Friday afternoon as well. Well it’s not like you couldn’t get your fix from all of our other guest appearances right? You can find all of the below shows on iTunes and Stitcher by searching the show names or click the links below.

If you’re a premium listener the RSS Feed password has changed. Got to the premium page and scroll to the bottom to see the new password. Make sure you’re logged in to see it.

Rod and Karen were on What’s the Tea Episode 019 Black People Don’t Have Allergies

Download episode

Rod got to call into Keith and the Girl episode 1876: American Spirit

Karen was on Where’s My 40 Acres Episode 304: Trinidad Lamar KONY James

Rod was on the Agents of SHIELDCAST reviewing the latest episodes.

Rod was on Cinema Fix discussing Thor: The Dark World and things were very spirited.


Guest Spots For Last Week

In addition to Nick Foles throwing 7 touchdowns Rod and Karen did some premium shows. There’s three new Spoiled Reviews featuring Monica Castillo from Film Geek Radio’s Cinema Fix, a new Balls Deep Sports and Nerd Off.

We were also on other people’s shows. You can find them all by searching the show titles on iTunes and Stitcher.

Karen was on Dr. AbrACEive’s podcast. Episode 12: Karen.

Rod was on the Playing Dead discussing the final chapter of season one: 400 Days

Rod was on the 20 Minutes Podcast Episode 6: Rod hosted by Rashanii

Rod was on the latest Agents of SHIELDCAST with Kriss from the Insanity Check Podcast as the guest.


Guest Spots For Last Week

So the premium RSS Feed password is changing. If you’re a premium member just go to the TBGWT Premium page and scroll to the bottom. You’ll find the new password in blue writing. In addition to doing a new Medium Talk and Lip Smacking Good we’ve got some guest appearances too.

Rod was on the latest Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.C.A.S.T.

Rod was on the Evening Jones with Bomani Jones

Rod discussed season one of Arrow with Kriss on Movie Trailer Reviews

Alright guys you know how we do we’ll see you next week with more guest sports and spin off shows.

Guest Spots For Last Week

So if you’re premium you can now listen to the more recent episodes directly through the website. Just make sure you’re logged in and click the “Play / download” button at the bottom of each episode. That isn’t all. There is a new episode of Lip Smacking Good and Medium talk on the way today. You can find those on the premium page or in the RSS feed.

Guest spots for the week can be found below. Of course you can also find these on iTunes and Stitcher. Do us a favor and leave a review for the Agents of Shieldcast if you get a minute.

Rod and Karen were on “Black On Black Cinema” Episode 22: Harlem Nights.

Rod was on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.C.A.S.T. episode 2: 0-8-4

Guest Spots For Last Week

In addition to the premium shows from last week Rod also did some guest spots. That’s right while Karen sat in her room playing video games she put Rod’s ass on the stroll for your entertainment. As always you can find these podcast on iTunes and Stitcher by searching the names of the show.

Rod was on Film Geek Radio’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.C.A.S.T.” preview

Rod and Karen were on Movie Trailer Review’s Agents of Shield Pilot episode Review.

Rod was on Where’s My 40 Acres Eargasm Review of Nothing Was The Same.

Rod was on episode 30 of The Dream Team: Orgasmopology

Guest Spots For The Last Few Weeks (Premium Feed Password Changing)

As always we’ve been saying busy here at #TBGWT. In addition to the regular show and all the spin-off shows we’ve done guest spots on other people’s podcast. That’s right even people turning on the show can’t stop us from working with other podcasters. Here is the run down.

Premium Members the RSs feed password has changed again! You can find it by logging into the site and scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Rod was on the Fiyastarter.com Podcast

Download episode

Rod was on Episode 14 of the Dude You Podcast talking about sports. You can find it on iTunes or check it out HERE.

Rod was on an episode of the Long and Late movie show talking previews for the rest of the year.

TBGWT Fantasy Football 2013? (League full. Sign ups closed)

So I’ve been thinking. If we do another TBGWT fantasy league this year would people be down for that? We’d stop it at 12 teams and we’d have an entry fee of $30 per team. I wasn’t going to do a league this year because it’s more work than I want to deal with BUT I think some fans may get a kick out of this. I’m gonna open it up to everyone instead of just offering the same people from last year.

It’ll be first come first serve by which I mean you have to send your paypal payment in BEFORE you can get access to your team. Karen and I will play too but we’re not paying to play. The top 4 finishers pay out.

Is anyone interested in this? If we don’t get at least 10 teams I’ll refund all the money to the people who sent payments in.

The draft would happen on Wednesday night at 10 pm EST. Standard ESPN scoring except .5 PPR. If you’re game for this go to theblackguywhotips.com and donate $30 to the show and put “TBGWT Fantasy Football” in the comments and we’ll set it up.

Back From Vacation With A Bang!

Well we’re back from vacation. In addition to the four (2 hour) episodes of TBGWT we dropped we also did some guest spots you might enjoy.We also dropped some premium episodes of Balls Deep Sports AND Them Real House Husbands. Enjoy!

As always you can find these podcast on iTunes and Stitcher by searching the names of the shows.

Karen and I were on the “Welcome 2 The Village” podcast discussing our favorite music and a lot of racial topics in the wake of Trayvon Martin. It was a really fun show.

Download episode

Rod and Karen were on the Single Simulcast episode 116: Gentry-Bye Niggas with Rashanii and the crew from “The Ink”.

Rod was on The Black Astronauts Podcast episode “Them Racism Eyes” discussing the Harriet Tubman skit gone wrong and a bunch of other topics.

Rod was on episode 3 of The Playing Dead: Long Road Ahead with Kriss, Kev and Brandon talking about the video game The Walking Dead.

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