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March Randomness

1.       I’m amazed that there is an actually a symbol for “Anarchy”. Does that just go against everything they stand for? I just imagine someone tagging a building with the “A” for anarchy and someone coming along like, “No! That’s now how you do it! All the symbols have to be uniform! Why isn’t this the right shade of red? Take it down!”

2.       I saw Stevie Wonder sitting front row at the All-Star game the other day. It looked like he was sitting with Ted Williams (The homeless man with the golden voice from God). Maybe he was letting Ted Williams describe the game to him. I think that is like watching the game in 3-D for a blind person.

3.       Sidenote: If I was Stevie Wonder I would only do things that would make people with sight hate me for how I’m balling. I’m talking front row seats at the Superbowl. I’d learn to choreograph steps that make it seems as if I’m walking around movie objects and people. I’d own an iPhone and shit.

4.       An involuntary erection at a funeral = Mourning Wood

5.       I’m just going to start saving time and start spilling stuff on my shirts as I pull them out of the dryer. I spilled coffee on my freshly cleaned shirt first thing this morning. Why do I even try.

6.       Is it okay for two dudes who are using Google chat to use emoticons when talking to each other?

7.       So I saw Phonte, Jean Grae and 9th Wonder all collaborated on a song together. That’s the good news. The bad news? Lil B the Based God is on it. I found this disappointing because these are the rappers who aren’t afraid to call out wackness and claim to suffer for their own artistic principles but then they turn around and work with a guy who is an obvious gimmick rapper. Lil B has no talent and we even ridiculed his lack of ability on our podcast. The lesson that I learned here? Even these conscious rappers want Youtube hits.

8.       Why would the man in the yellow hat hang out with a monkey? Now THAT is curious.

9.       I’m going to make a book for people who don’t like to read. It’s going to be called “Movie: The Book” and it’ll be available only on DVD and BluRay.

10.   “They say when you own a hammer every problem starts to look like a nail”. I think the same applies to people who own guns. When you own a gun every problem starts to look like a black man the basketball court on a hot summer day.

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  1. Yeah the man with the Yellow Hat never had any dates either. He just hung out with George

  2. Hilarious!!!

  3. Thank you sir! I needed that. This b*tch called Monday was really starting to irritate me.

  4. I STAY givin u da *slow clap* LOL!

  5. You know, I never thought about #1. Truf.

  6. FYI these 10 points are hilarious.

  7. 3. How would you feel if Stevie just balled ridiculous with fireworks displays everyweekend on his private island or built a private museum on his compound and just fill it with rare paintings? But honestly, I think I'd be sick if the ni&&a paid for a HD tv… Last straw ni&&a, last straw.

  8. Well Done Sir!

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