Vernon Maxwell – Now only was his skin tone black as night but he had fiery red eyes. He ran up in the stands before Stephen Jackson and them did it in Detroit. Some fan ran off with the mouth and Vernon decided to take matters into his own hands.

Stephon Marbury – Starbury wasn’t the first cat to “crazy” his way out of the NBA but he definitely did it the biggest. His 2009 exploits on live webcam over Ustream was one of the single greatest moments for crazy people in the last decade. He came out with his own brand of shoes that was cheaper than any of the bigger name brands. I really thought his heart was in the right place but after he tattooed a star into the side of his bald head I couldn’t bring myself to wear Starbury’s anymore. Then there was the time with the Knicks that lead to all sorts of stories of him smashing a Knicks employee in his SUV. He was a huge contradiction of on the court selfishness and off the court craziness.

Rasheed Wallace – his game has always been blackness personified. The demonstrative actions that always lead to pointless technical foul calls made it seem like Sheed thought “the man” was out to get him. Sheed is the kind of guy who can do much better but has found his niche on the court. Why put up 30 points a game when only the last few buckets will matter? Sheed’s game and attitude seems more at home on any Saturday morning at the park rather than the NBA. He’s supremely confident while at the same time arguing for every single call as if he’s never committed a foul in his life. When I saw him mouthing the words to “Verbal Intercourse” on his way to a game I realized that he was the embodiment of blackness and no one would ever be able to argue differently.

Nate Robinson – you know what Nate is doing while everyone is working on their game? He’s thinking about what he’s going to do in the dunk contest. Nate is that dude who gets run at every park in America because he gets a crazy dunk every once in a while and everyone goes crazy. Nate has that Napoleon complex, he’s strong as hell AND he can’t wait to fight you. Nate is all about showmanship and not about championships.

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