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167: If Not Beyonce Then Who?


Rod and Karen are joined by Patrice to discuss movies, podcasting to meet women, parking money, Facebook prank, rapture thoughts, battery math, words with enemies, car repair, L.A. Noire, Captain Jack Sparrow, Beyonce, Nas, Amber Rose, Keyshia Cole gets married, Utah bans sexiness, Viagra causes hearing loss, teachers disgraced, pedo pyscho, porn prank, too much homework and sword ratchetness.

Intro: Upgrade You – Beyonce
Outro: Dear Summer – Jay-Z

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Are Mechanics Trustworthy
Yes, they are honest and I respect them. No, I don’t know what they are doing back there.   
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  1. I'm laughing at this tire segment…I sold tires for 7 years. You should ALWAYS go to Walmart/Sams/Costco to get tires.

  2. Ya'll laugh JUST alike!

  3. hahah i used to be a mechanic at a dealership, and hell yeah SOMEEEE of those guys are shady ass shit, i remember this one guy who would reset the computer when a car had a change oil light on and then say he did a oil change and charge people. and everyone is required to up sell services and shit like that that cars dont even need, im not saying im a angel and shit but after a year working at the dealership i decided to go back to school and get a real education cause i didnt have it in me to rip people off.

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