Rod Was on Where’s My 40 Acres Addressing the Comments Rashanii made on Single Simulcast episode 38: Strictly Representin’ you can find it by clicking HERE. The comments are around the 1 hour and 40 minute mark.

Guest: Secret Guest!

– Happy New Year!
– Check Yo Nutz, Sir!
– Twitter Beef Just Got Real
– Sub-Podcasting
– We All Sheep
– Disrespecting your Sheep
– A Sad Manifesto
– The Beanie Sigel to my Jay-z

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Oh my goshikins, friend, Filling The Lanes is back with Rodimus Prime aka The Black Guy Who Tips, and the show is appropriately ratchet from the start. For better or worse,it never lets up.

Trill’s fresh out of jail but his home connection manages to be shittier than his collect calls. He gets so angry about Tebow‘s Sunday Service that he burns through his computer’s circuitry. Nick gets downright Coltrane on the crew and gloats about his squad’s Giant Steps. J-Hen eats a Lion’s portion of humble pie, and Rod explains why the Saints’ reckless disregard for their opponents make them his kind of team. Chee brings his usual football insights to salvage the segments. Rick worries the crew has upset Nick by straying from any discernible game plan, and Trill confirms he has had enough Manhattans to trot out a starting 5. Yeesh.

Is it time to stop making fun of Delonte? Is T-Mac even lazier than his eye indicates? Is Ricky Rubio legit? Coltrane resurfaces when we tackle A Love Supreme: should Kevin get the max? Is he not getting enough majority love? Why? Chee thinks he’s not flashy enough. Rod thinks this ranks with Tebowmania as the two great race-in-sports studies. We realize Rick has a tendency to cut J-Hen off mid-sentence.

The podcast is already off the rails, so we need a topic to calm everyone. Unfortunately, the collective discusses whether Kobe is hurting or helping his team by consistently playing through injuries that would have the average player in street clothes.

That spins into Rick and Rod call Ronnie Lott stupid for cutting off a piece of his finger, while Trill argues – angrily, drunkenly – that no real sports fan should ever denigrate that select group of sports warriors who go above and beyond what mere mortals can only contemplate in armchair-hypotheticals.

Which bring us to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Larkin’s in, Mattingly probably never will be, and Jorge Posada has retired his questionable baserunnning instincts. The crew tries to answer the pressing question of whether or not the FTL baseball segments can possibly get worse than they’ve already proven to be.

We forget about college basketball, ignore that horrible national title game, and launch into a discussion of regional supermarket chains. Yep, it’s time for The World Famous Get In, Get Out: Rick poses the question of whether desirability trumps loyalty and maternal instincts in single mothers; everyone thinks Keyon Dooling is son-son status, so we grill Nick on the habits of white people as regards hand-me0down sneakers; we shake our collective heads at J-Hen’s Lions again, as they misuse twitter; Trill invites Drake to join the team for a future episode… so he can smack him in the face; everyone crosses their fingers and hopes Thursday’s show can be redemptive.

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And Rod talks Tebow with Bomani Jones of The Evening Jones

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