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352: Cat Is The Hat

Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss the RNC speeches, black people taking it easy on Condi, bathroom claiming, rent-a-kid, prison cafe, combining the sexes in sports, 2007 level racism, Philly drivers, Armed Militia plot, Ohio Gov praises Jay-Z, Chipotle is a cheater, judge in Zimmerman case, breast charity, Atheist pull billboard, tattoo screw up, sword vs SWAT, monkeying around, more than one way to skin a cat, slut walk lingerie model, boyfriend mails himself, trash the dress, drug filled footballs, man impregnates 11 year old, a store called Hitler and Obama masked robber.

Intro: Jazzy Belle – Outkast
Outro: Raw – Common

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  1. No it cannot be a religion due to a religion must include something you have to accept on faith – that is, without evidence commensurate with the extraordinary nature of the belief. Atheism is response to a claim for the belief in god or gods and is not a claim of no gods exist.

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  2. Only because some of them are as crazy as the religious zealots they claim to hate

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