It’s no secret that we work hard to get the word about the show out there. In addition to all of the work we do on our own podcast we occasionally appear on other people’s shows. If you’d like to hear us talk about some topics outside of the norm or get a good introduction to some other podcast you may be interested in? Well that’s what this post is for. Enjoy.

Guest spots for the last few weeks can all be found on iTunes or Stitcher radio by searching the name of the shows.

Rod and Karen were on Straight Out Of LoCash.

Download it HERE.

Rod was on Black Sexy Geeky and Mental with Amber P.

Check it out HERE.

Rod was on the Player Hater Podcast

Rod was on Where’s My 40 Acres Episodes 248 and 249.

WM40A: Ep.248 “Christian Swag”

WM40A: Ep.249 “Kanye West Kilt Lord Jamar”

Karen was on Beatin Da Block Episode #82 “Catfish America” – DOWNLOAD HERE

Karen was on Where’s My 40 Acres episodes 240 and 241.

WM40A: Ep.240 “Dgregory Unchained”

WM40A: Ep.241 “You Go Glenn Coco!”

Rod was on The Evening Jones on 1/16/13

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