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466: Who’s Ashamed Of Charles Ramsey?


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Rod and Karen discuss professionalism with podcasting, women in amateur porn, Sylvia Browne, Charles Ramsey, teaching porn in schools, lesbians asked to break up so their kid can go to Christian school, woman calls 911 after stabbing boyfriend, jerking on a boat, christian heavy metal guy hires hit-man to kill wife, crack in the dentures and bringing a knife to a sword fight.

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  1. To the black “intelectuals” who have felt the need to shepherd and shame the rest of us lowly black folk for fear we might embarrass them in front of company
    (ex: University Professor Boyce Watkins, contributor Aisha Harris, so on), a reminder:

    I quote from the book of “Quality” from the prophet Talib Kweli as spoken by brother Chappelle “My brotha, You must not have got the memo, we have been FREE!!!!….(Chuck Ramsey pause) for quite some time now…”

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