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465: Uncle Charles

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  1. Blaktimus Prime

    This has easily become my favourite part of the week is the Dem Thrones recap show. Though I have had a question that has been burning me that I hope to get some insight from you guys. I thought Margaery was trying to teach Joffrey some compassion but obviously we saw in the last episode that he was still crazy. Why the hell did he kill that skank (who has been around since the beginning of the show) with the crossbow? And what was up with that ending? It was so cryptic with Littlefinger talking and all those vague scenes on to what is going to happen in the future. Anyhoo, we need more Khaleesi and the Passion of the Theon has turned into a comedy segment for me. Thanks a lot guys.

    Fun shows as always and thanks for making me look like a fool during my lunches at work when I am busting out laughing hysterically when I listen to you guys. Keep it real.

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  2. NicJu

    He called Anderson Cooper bro….I almost peed.

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  3. Clout2k

    Good show as always and it was definitely cool that Justin & Nichelle jumped on.

    My favorite part of the DemThrones recap was the Gendry scene breakdown. You can see the relief on that dudes face when she pumps him up, he stopped struggling and everything. I recognize that facial expression from when she had Stannis staring into that fire with tears in his eyes. The fire witch and Daenerys are apparently walking Simp factories. A man walks in, but a simp walks out.

    Uncle Charles is an international hero. No wonder Wish Bone missed him. He’s just a great guy all around.

    My theory about Rush Limbaugh is that whenever any news comes through he just pulls out a dart board with all the typical shitbag talking points. He just let the darts fly on this story.

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  4. sheila

    Hey Rod and Karen, this was the funniest episode ever with regards to Uncle Charles. I found you guys through your review of Red tails on youtube and subsequently listened to every movie review, and now I am going through all your podcasts. I love your #demthrones recaps, keep up the good work

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  5. Tony in SC

    yo, thanks for the great episode (I was leery of the new format, but Damn… the stuff you and Karen are putting out now is even better)… Dem Thrones trending, design some t-shirts and sell ’em with Dem Thrones on it, Bruh… you need to get paid since you originated it.

    Somebody needs do to a medieval show with an all black cast (no, tyler perry, not u bruh)… I’ve always been a fan of all that shit, but Thrones is like The Wire on horses with swords and torture scenes. Im thinkin’ bout to look on adam and eve for some costumes for my girl to wear when she calls me ‘mi lord’ when i’m puttin in that work!

    on the dude who rescued the Girls in the Cleveland Ohio case, you remember the homeless guy with the voice … who was all over the news and got all that voice over work after he was ‘discovered’? somebody need to give uncle a shot at being a newscaster… Live on 10 with Charles, our man on the street… “Niggah, they was shootin’ and I was duckin”… ” back to you bitches in the studio”.

    The shit was funny enough when you played the entire interview with him on the scene with the reporter… but when he unscensored himself on the 911 call, that shit was GOLDEN… I was rollin.

    last thing: when Thrones ends, yall need to do a ‘re-up’ series where you watch it and discuss each episode, talking about shit y’all missed the first time… Im gonna hate when this season ends.

    Tony in SC

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