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BDS 50: The Return Of Vic


Rod and Justin are joined by Vic to have the longest episode ever. We discuss the NBA Play-offs, Donald Sterling, Mr. Unreliable, PK Subban, Mayweather, Paul George got robbed, Dr. Jack Ramsay, the LA NAACP, Darren Erman, Jameis and them crab legs, Darryl Washington, Sonnen might be racist, Bills cheerleaders, Jamal Crawford, Joe Johnson, Ray Rice, Mike Pouncey, Donte Hitner, Aaron Hernandez, this week in Mamba and listener questions.


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  1. 04soldier

    Word.. Justin got his nose broke at the Y?? Damn Justin, you gotta bob and weave next time.. Anyway just kidding.. get well soon bro..

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