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BDS 84: Ayo Bitch!


Rod and Justin discuss the NFL week 17, Emails, Josh Gordon and Manziel, KG blowing in West’s ear, Lions bet, Clint Trickett, Dwyane Wade, Sterlin Castro, Brennan Clay’s revenge, All pros, Darren Sanders, Bills coach quits, FSU player and a prostitute and This Week In Mamba.

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  1. Selester63

    I think Russell Wilson’s father was white (he’s deceased) but his mother is black.

  2. da_ticklah

    Yeah man that Johnnie Blue is 175 – 200 a bottle, I’ve had it at business dinners shit is great. It’s sipping whiskey you don’t mix that shit.
    ‘Common’ labels of Johnnie walker go as follows and range from 25 – ~200 for a standard 750ml bottle.
    Double Black

    There is an ultra premium level above blue called Johnnie Walker King George which is ~350/bottle

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