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1045: Millennial Moms


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Rod and Karen discuss Bobby Shmurda denied bail, Gay News, Wendy Williams vs Terrance Howard, Anti-Vaxxers, period app, men on abortion, kid can’t get in school cause his dad worked in porn, chuck e cheese selling alcohol, fart boy, Nikki / Mal sex-tape, Blanket Jackson, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Coon Lake, Dunkin Donuts, TI on Black Lives Matter, BallerAlert, news report, eating the parents, selfie shooting, robbery and tip and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    A few points from this episode, even though I would hate for the dynamic to change on Empire with Terrence leaving, I would understand if that’s a consequence of his wife beating. Maybe that will teach him to keep his hands to himself when it starts hurting his pockets. I’m one of those people who can separate the character from the person, so either way my life goes on. I’m not going to defend a guy’s abuse just because he’s on a show I enjoy. There are a lot of problematic performers, directors, producers but people still continue to enjoy their stuff until the allegations get too big to ignore and even then you’ll have those staunch defenders who will defend problematic performers as if they’re getting a check from them.

    I am so tired of the Ant-Vaxxers linking vaccinations to autism. First of all, most of them are uninformed about this so called “autism epidemic”. One of the reasons we hear so much about it is 1) because there’s been a lot of research on it in recent years, 2)it used to be misdiagnosed and 3) there are tons of people who go undiagnosed because the spectrum is so large. People in the previous generations never had to deal with autistic children because back in the day they were institutionalized and no one ever talked about it. With a lot of celebrities like Tony Braxton and Holly Robinson Peete speaking out about it and other autism activists of course its going to seem like there’s some big epidemic and these nuts are looking for something to blame.
    I am the mother of an autistic child who I wouldn’t change a thing about. I once had a woman ask me if I regretted vaccinating my kid. I tell you what, had my husband not held me back I would have punched her dead in the face. That’s the kind of ignorance we’re dealing with in these anti-vaxxers. They are the reason that measles and polio has come back, diseases that were all but eradicated. This is a topic that I’m very passionate about. Fuck the anti vaxxers.

    As for Chuckie Cheese selling alcohol, they are out of their god damn minds. On the weekends Chuckie Cheese seems to attract a rowdy crowd and if you introduce alcohol to the mix they are asking for lawsuits and for someone to get shot.

  2. stonefree75

    Chuck E Cheese selling alcohol is a terrible fucking idea!!! I have a 8 year old and I hate taking him there. It never fails you will always have one bad little bastard acting up and you can’t never find the parents. So they are going to service alcohol to them making them even worst parents? I’m done with that place. P.S. I still don’t what the hell is a Millennial Mom?!

  3. ariedee

    My “Why Can’t You Shut Up So We Can Try To Like (or Ignore) You?!” List is growing at an astronomical rate:

    Kanye West
    Don Lemmon
    Ray Lewis
    Stephen A. Smith
    Michelle Rodriguez
    50 Cent
    Richard Sherman
    Matt Damon
    Azealia Banks
    Helen Mirren

    I can only sigh when I hear or see anything involving with these people. Tone deaf, dumb, & blind. Trying to avoid their stupidity is exhausting.

    And if T.I. thinks that hashtags on social media are ineffective, why doesn’t he get in the streets with these activists and stand up for “ALL LIVES”? Could it be because he’s too busy on social media trying to slutt shame his wife and chastise grown-ass Ciara about who she’s dating? He needs to have several seats and focus on why his mediocre music has fallen all the way to kinda bad.

    • ariedee

      Forgot Raven Symone and Rhinna is on probation…

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