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1103: Steve Harvey Bacon


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Rod and Karen discuss Kesha’s new band, Chipotle coming back, Steve Harvey bacon, James Wright Chanel blowing up, McDonald’s Dollar Menu gone, Bristol Palin has another baby, Nick Gordon doing the most, Stacey Dash is shamed for having an abortion, Tisha Campbell Martin supports Tasha Smith, Obamacare working, TX cuts off funding for Planned Parenthood HIV testing, new KY governor is wack, Bernie Sanders says he was set up, KKK flyers on cars, V-Nasty back, Rosalind Brewer, woman goes on a crime spree in Wal-Mart, man shoots up McDonald’s, woman bit husband’s ear off and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I had to look V Nasty up because I had never heard of her. I couldn’t make it all the way through the one you tube video I saw of her. The only thing I see in her future is a throat punch for when she drops the N bomb around the wrong person. I hope there are cameras there when it happens.

  2. KLJ75

    I never heard of V-Nasty, FUCK HER and whoever giving her the pass to say nigga!!

    • KLJ75

      I just saw her video she fucking WACK!!!

  3. mayabee

    The killing thing about black men basically cosigning whatever bullshit white girls and non-black women do to black women is the nauseating whiplash they have when a black woman decides that she/they cannot be with a black man due to their lived experiences involving black men. These same motherfuckers are the ones who were calling Kerry Washington a modern day Sally Hemmings due to her being Olivia Pope in Scandal. The fact that there are black men out there who will coo the word snowbunny to a white girl with a teaspoon of ass, but will fucking break their own neck to shame a black woman for not “standing” for her community.

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