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1111: Ball Harder PD


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Rod and Karen discuss Netta making the cover of Essence, Chipotle getting investigated, Bristol Palin family drama, Future family drama, Sandra Bland officer indicted, Michael Slager made bail, Ethan Couch, Saudi Arabia executes peaceful protesters, Bal Harbour PD balling out, London restaurants seat by attractiveness, Right Wing conspiracies about Obama’s tears, Trump helping the terrorists recruit, C-Span caller, online dating, Nebraska sex ed, Pornhub’s end of the year stats, Starbucks, Whoopi Goldberg, black man wants to be a refugee in Canada, masturbating subway guy, man stabs mother to death, train robbery, woman set on fire on Xmas day, sword ratchetness and a white woman does tribal black face.

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  1. Please talk about this mess…
    White is right all around the world, damn honkeys!

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