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PG 22: Cryptonazi

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Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the Xmas basketball tournament, LHHH, Winter On Fire, Best of Enemies, the FB group, dat Fanyeezus! and Daniel Holtzclaw going to jail. From Balls Deep 12/11 taping

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    Yooo, Rod I hadn’t watched the NPR documentary that you’re talking about but last year I looked up some videos on all that stuff happening in the Ukraine. I thought it was some small stuff happening but I was wrong as hell. I watched a video of that third or fourth protest, some teen and his dad were out recording video and walking with a bunch of other people right as snipers started blasting! Like you said some of the bullets were rubber so you saw folks bleeding but running off, but some of those bullets were real. The teen had his camera pointed toward a group of unarmed men and women and folks just started dropping to the ground and not getting up. I really didn’t know it was that real over there. Anytime some tea party dude wants to talk about “freedoms being taken away” they just need to watch what’s going on over in the Ukraine.

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