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BDS 136: Ben Roethlisberger Warning


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss the NFL play-offs, listener feedback, Luvie getting fired, Brittney Griner, Cam Newton getting exposed, Stanford band, Dexter Manley, Draya, 6ers dads, Billy Football, Shaun Smith, Iguodala child support, Calvin Johnson, HS coach hits ref, Steph Curry playing hurt, John Wall is mad at Kyrie, Ben Simmons, Hardy was tardy, Stephen Jackson on Byron Scott, Floyd on Cosby, Cromartie is bitter, Beyonce coming back to Super Bowl, staying warm in the NFL, cheerleaders, Ty Lawson suspended, Adrian Peterson, Big Ben warning for Cincy, Steve Smith, Steve Sarkisian, Lambo in Aspen, HGH report, Fred Smoot, Bob Ryan on FAMOG, Clemens vs Halladay and this week in Mamba.

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  1. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Cromartie

    Shoutout to Doughstax, First the Browns beat us on the field, then they beat my niners for Hue Jackson. And now both of Ohio’s teams have Black coaches.

    All this talk about the Rooney rule this week it’s really as much of a problem with assistant coaches. Black coaches can make it to defensive coordinator but we top out at running backs coach on offense. With Hue getting a job there are only 2 Black Offensive Coordinators (in Arizona and Green Bay) but I haven’t heard either of their names get mentioned for jobs. And with the way Black Quarterbacks are treated it’s no surprise they aren’t given credit for orchestrating an offense. Maybe I’m just extra sensitive since the Oscar nominations came out, but I think it’s something Mike and Jemele even mentioned where Black assistants don’t even get put out there as the hot candidates in the media narrative.

    Meanwhile we’re stuck with Chip Kelly covering Kaepernick’s rent checks. They even took his jersey out of the clearance bin when they announced the news, and lord knows Colin is gonna need that money. Going to hear rave reviews about him spending extra time at the facility when really his ass is just trying to take advantage of free showers and heat.

    Anyway great show as always, appreciate y’all. And good luck staying sober as people start sending you more liquor. We all saw Justin wasn’t built to be the voice of reason when he let you tell the ihop story.

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