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1378: Trump Affective Disorder

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Rod and Karen are joined by Nic Ju of What’s The Tea Podcast to discuss Trump related depression, 50 Cent’s son rapping, Twitter cracking down on harassment, Russia blocks a porn site, chocolate taster, LA decriminalizes street vendors, daycare wants parents off phones, THC church cookies, woman kicked off plane over boobs, Chrisette Michelle, La La Land think piece, white people news, sex in the courthouse, peeping tom, meth lab cat lady and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Hanna

    The music for the white people news was the whitest thing ever. It was a HUGE summer hit in Scandinavia in 2002. The song is by the Swedish boyband Kent. The whole song just transported me back to high school and fangirl days. Trying to learn Swedish so you might have a chance with one of them, if you ever saved enough to travel to their concert. (We lived in rural Finland, so any concerts were at least 300 miles away.) Those actually were the days when it felt like there are no black people or brown people on the planet. All you were concerned about was trying to act cool at school. I like your show!! You guys make me laugh. Thank you!! I try to not comment cause I’m white and European and my opinion of the US is just of no consequence, but listening to this episode was such a surreal experience I had to write it down. Like my 15 yr old self and 32 yr old self were both alive all at once for a moment in time.

  2. Chris from Hawaii

    Nic Ju and I are soul mates. I too first eat the ridges, then the sides and then the top of my peanut butter cup. Or at least I used to before I came down with “da sugah” (and yes, it’s okay for me to say it because I have it).

  3. Wonga_5

    I’d be like Bender when he becomes human if I got that chocolate tasting job. Those Cadbury eggs, I eat em in 1 go. Peanut butter cups the same, 1 bite. When it comes to kit-kats, I have eaten them all without breaking em. But when I’m at home, I’ll break the four rows in 2 then put the 2 flat sides together & dip em in milk & eat all 4 that way. I grew up with 4 younger brothers, if you didn’t eat things quick at our place, you missed out.

  4. Amani

    Why do you have to be so divisive these days? I tried to listen with an open mind, but we’re never going to win if we’re not working together. Eating Reese’s without taking the ridges off first?! I don’t know how we’re supposed to come together at the table of brotherhood like this! And don’t even get me started on that Kit Kat travesty. This is exactly why Trump won.

    • reallydarkknight

      Agreed! Rod is a Domestic Terrorist! Who radicalized you, Sir?! Someone needs to get that Kit Kat video off the Internets! Looks like the terrorists have won.

  5. Mack

    Yo, were y’all using Firefox when you had the technical issues? My computer was acting up when I was in Firefox yesterday and I’m wondering if there was a glitchy update or something

  6. reallydarkknight

    As you and NicJu were discussing the eating of Cadbury Eggs, all I could hear in my head was Freak Me by Silk. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets freaky with those eggs. Perfection!

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