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BDS 193: Larsa Comes Back From The Future

Rod and Justin discuss the Super Bowl result, listener feedback, Lebron calls a journalist trash, Enes Kanter breaks arm, Barkley gambling, TO not making the Hall of Fame, Dunn gets probation, HB2, Lakers roster moves, Cousins, OBJ regrets Miami trip, Kirk Cousins is a thug, Kaepernick black history, Minnesota players transfer, Warriors’ tickets going up, Jokic hugging while naked, MLS racist, cheerleaders should be paid, combine snubs, Keshia Knight-Pulliam names son, NFLPA says not to sign in Chicago, Baylor coach arrested, Titans baller drugged, Lane Kiffin taking pics with women, Amendola ITWAN hat, Super Bowl gear missing, LaMelo Ball, Booby Gibson, company scamming NFL concussion victims, Alphonso Carter suspended, Chad Johnson, Monique Esposito, Lil Wayne, Larsa is back and MJ.


  1. cocoqt81

    What’s up, Rod and J Dolan! I hope you guys had a good week. I just wanted to write in and say the Nerve of that drunk ass James Dolan to be out here accusing Oak of being an alcoholic. Now, he may very well be, but he didn’t bring that shit up out of genuine concern. He was just tryna paint him as an unstable black man. I see you. Then, he went and recruited the most infamous neck snatcher Latrell Spreewell to help with this PR disaster. In what world does that make sense? LMAO! Anyway… Oak should have looked at that ban as a blessing. God helps you when you can’t help yourself, and if you’re still spending hard earned money to watch the Knicks play then you obviously do have some issues that need to be addressed.
    Do y’all feel like the GSW embracing the role of villains is contrived? It seems like it to me. They’re trying way too hard, and I see right through it.
    One last thing…did you see Brady talmbout people need to put their political differences to the side when it comes to going to the white house? This, I was told by Apple care ass honkey went to the mall to avoid Obama. But, let’s put our political differences to the side. How bout no, Tom? Fuck outta here.
    Take it easy guys!

  2. Darienfoxx

    What’s up Rod and J. Dolan,

    Now that the Superbowl is over, it’s time for my favorite season. The one where the Pats have their annual “dollar-store” quarterback sale. If your team missed out on doorbusters like Matt Cassell, Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett, don’t worry! The Pats have the next big thing: Jimmy Garoppolo. They reeeally don’t want to trade him, but they miiight be convinced if you offer them a first round draft pick, as well as the success of your franchise for the next four years.

    Also, to cap off this Knicks madness, Charles Oakley apparently sat down with James Dolan and Adam Silver a couple days ago. And “New MJ” (seriously, who is this dude) called in to squash the beef. This whole week was bizarre, but at least we got to see Oak back in MSG slapping niggas.

    Over-under on how many security guards Dolan brought to the meeting? 7 (I’m going over).

    Love the show, y’all! Also, thanks for putting me on to Legends. Finally finished it last weekend. I was wondering where “Cook that Nigga!” came from. hahaha

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Oakley

    Last week I said the Knicks weren’t my stupidest franchise, so I guess now I have to apologize. Not only does my GM spend all season trying to undermine our best player after he’s the one who chose to re-sign the ballstopper he knew he was. Then you go and embarrass yourselves on national TV and pick a fight with Charles Oakley and get the entire league riding against you for how you treat your former stars.

    Only the Knicks could turn a brolic fighting ass nigga trying to fight a rich white man into a hero. Even got Legends of Chamberlain Heights cooking my squad. Your boy was at the game and the whole crowd was rooting for Oak to beat that ass like we found out he voted for Adele over Beyonce.

    But we still weren’t as loud and petty as OKC. Durant showed up to his ex’s house with Serena Williams on his arm and all they had to respond was some bullshit cupcakes. Only way KD could have been more coldblooded would be if he showed up with waves and freshly brushed hair. Between Lebron calling everybody out and Durant finally starting to embrace the villain, I’m loving this season. Alright y’all great episode, have a good one.

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