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1379: Kylie On Kylie Violence

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Rod and Karen discuss Jill Stein, xHamster, SNL weekend update, Tyga, Webster adding words, ID bill in AZ, rogue ICE agent, George Lopez, Kofi Siriboe, Lena Dunham, Mike Erwin, ricin racist, LaKeith Stanfield stands up for black women, deputy who paralyzed black man is leading Trump FL security, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, drunk mom calls drunk father, celibacy judgement for rapist, choir teacher and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Matt

    George Lopez was way out of line when he went off on that black woman in his audience. Comedians should be accustomed to the occasional person who isn’t feeling his jokes. Especially when the jokes target black folks. He is a Hispanic person, right? He should know that shit wouldn’t be appreciated. Joke or otherwise. You are treading on real thin ice when you get as personal as he did, 100

  2. ProfKori

    Okay, I’m not even sure if this is the episode, but I need to comment on the way you checked homeboy who said the “Trump Affective Disorder” opening was divisive. All I have to say is that your response was priceless and the reason I’ll stay premium despite rarely getting around to listening to the (plentiful, impressive) additional content. Y’all give us LIFE! As you said, it’s possible to listen AND respect that folk deserve to have their space. So basic, yet apparently so profound!

  3. Michelle

    I’ll add to the George Lopez hate and add that what I didn’t like about his “comedy routine” is how the audience was encouraging him and he was feeding off of their response. I bet if they were quiet while he yelled at the woman he would have noticed how stupid he sounded. But because they cheered him on, he felt he was okay.

  4. lamalamatime

    George Lopez, gets a hundred.

    He isn’t funny. He is ostracizing and offending Afro(Black) Latinos as well! Apparently his demographic isn’t inclusive of all Latino folks.

  5. Coonfucious (@Blike_Dante)

    The mental gymnastics people went through to defend Lopez’s behavior towards that black woman were amazing. People really died on a cross for George…Lopez…to excuse his behavior towards her during black history month of all times.

    The ancestors are not pleased.

  6. -----------PHDee2014 (@FutureinPsy)

    I love you guys, especially the comments regarding George Lopez. Black Women stay the target of men’s insecurities!

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