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TNO 77: Black Actor AI Voices

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, new X-men show focuses on humans, Elon Musk digging a tunnel, Doctor Strange director didn’t read reviews, Behind Enemy Lines TV review, Bobbi and Hunter not coming back to Agents of Shield, James Cameron hating, NYC installing facial recognition, Axiom space station, fan petition for Zack Snyder, Runaways, Black Lightning, Bay says this Transformers is his last, Cloak and Dagger cast, Vizio was tracking user’s TV habits, Nintendo online service is $25, Facebook loss a lawsuit, Apple patents new headphones, Castlevania TV series, Jessica Chastain capitalizing off of Hidden Figures, Scarlett Johansson on white washing in Ghost In The Shell, Alita Battle Angel casting, Captain Marvel, Mass Effect, Rosario wants to play Ahsoka, Lena Headey wants to play Catwoman, Trollhunters gets a second season, Arrowverse needs a female big bad, Gamestop has shady practices, Dredd 2 may be animated, Shailene got out of Divergent TV movie, live action Aladdin, Destiny 2 must come out this year and politics in comic books.

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  1. Amani

    Kriss talked about WB’s failures on the Insanity Check but them letting Alan Horne leave and go to Disney really might be the dumbest move in the last 10 years. They have no idea what they’re doing over there and Disney is killing the game. I don’t care if he’s only one of the people they’re considering, but fam Mel Gibson? Didn’t he JUST finish hating on how violent and stupid superhero films were? And that’s before we talk about all his other shit. They can’t even keep a director on Batman.

    We got fucking Gorilla City on TV, and the movies are still trying to pass off that power ranger knock off Flash. Meanwhile Disney just sitting over here counting their paper. And nigga Dem Agents!! Wooooooo buddy they’re just not playing fair.

    And I hope you realized that Jessica Chastain Obscured Objects bullshit y’all talked about is just the first course correction in Trump’s America. Coming in 2019, “White Tiger”! The story of Siegfried and Roy going back to lead the secret nation of Whitelandia. And in time for Christmas, “Gates” where Matt Damon and Scarlett Johanssen struggle in a gated community where Asian American actors they stole jobs from try to get inside. The whitelash is coming!

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