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TTM 5: I Call Marriage

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Bassey!

    I’m so with y’all this episode had me pissed off at almost everyone!!! I need to watch more attentively because I missed a lot of the little things y’all mentioned.

    While I love this show, I’m tired of being on edge about William and Jack dying!

    I so want to give you guys an explanation on weather derivatives but each time I try to type a brief explanation, it’s anything but brief so while I understand what he does, I also understand your pain because I can’t put it into words. How about this – he’s a weather derivatives trader. All trading is like gambling. A common example is commodities trading (Trading Places) where people (invest) bet on the price of certain items. If gas prices hit a certain price, the investor (gambler) may get paid or lose money. With weather derivatives the investors are trading based future temperatures or weather events. The derivative Randall would have been putting together is probably an analysis of weather patterns with probabilities giving the client best case scenarios to make money. Kinda of like the lines in Vegas. I hope this helps but I fear it doesn’t LOL.

    I’m so apprehensive about the next episode. So much that it’s Thursday morning and I still haven’t watched it. I don’t want to hate Rebecca but dang! I don’t want to hate Kate so she can’t screw the horse dude.

    Thanks again for a great recap! I look forward to sharing This Is Us with you two each week. Oh and Bassey – this past Saturday I spent the entire day on my couch watching sappy Hallmark movies. I had to binge all the Valentine’s specials.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod & Bassey,

    In response to your question about my previous post. Yes, I was reference Kevin needing a new woman with no baggage to his past. We have seen repeatedly that Kevin is a meets expectations guy who raises or lowers himself based on what people expect. Look at his relationship with his siblings where his patterns have been established versus what we see from Kevin when he is with William or the girls. Sophie, based on what we saw this episode really strikes me as Kevin’s attempt to grasp at a past self who he views as being a better man. Because Kevin wants to be better, but doesn’t seem to truly want to work for things, he is used to things coming easy for him, going back to Sophie rather than truly changing fits his wheelhouse perfectly. And yes Rod, I think the Facebook thing was stalkery and not cute or romantic. I was like, what’s really good with Kevin based on it.

    On to this episode. I hope that Randall’s tremors represent Randall being stressed and panicking. It was noted in an early episode that he had a bout with hysterical blindness, or something similar when he was overwhelmed in the past. However, I too thought that the show was setting us up for the twist that Randall, no only dies super young, like Jack, but that he dies before William. Seeing this episode actually got me to the not liking Rebecca based solely on Miguel. She sees first hand what a Fuckboy Miguel is and winds up with him. What did she say to herself, “I had a good man and lost him. I can’t take the pain of that again, so let me get with this piece of shit.” If Kate gets with Duke the dick, I’m done with her. As a fellow fat girl, I don’t want to hear about her self-esteem issues. I’m fine with a fat girl just being an ain’t shit person, it happens. Still hate Miguel and yes, Sanjay is totally Randall’s Miguel.

    Sorry this is so long, but I really love the show and I love the insight you and Bassey bring to it. I am glad that I now have a black perspective on this show, because the white casts left me pissed off more often than not.

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