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PG 83: What’s The Gum For?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Rod’s computer problems, going to the dentist, YMCA basketball, Love and Hip Hop, Man Seeking Woman, business meetings in restaurants, Ghosts In The Hood, reality TV news, Trey Songz getting his own show and of course a Hotep Off.


  1. andbigdaddy2

    The whole time y’all where talking about the dentist the “Dentist song” from Little shop of horrors was running through my mind.

    You’ll be a dentist

    You have a talent for causing things pain

    Son, be a dentist

    People will pay you to be inhumane

  2. Darienfoxx

    “The Black Guy Hoteps” is becoming one of my favorite segments. Stay strong, Tut!

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