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1617: Cold Feet Cucks

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, cold feet in the bed, Applebee’s racism in bed, racist TX woman, racist school principal, racist trees, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I put my cold feet on my husband and even though he hates it, he just has to fucking deal with it. I put up with his farts, so the least he can do is be cold long enough for me to warm my feet up.

  2. Rwh2016

    The King is here!!!

    Hey Rod & Karen. I hope you and your listeners are enjoying this Black Panther Holiday weekend!

    Shout out to that schoolteacher and those kids who stood up to that racist principal. That principal is a candidate for taking out the trash. I grew up in the Bronx. Make no mistake: racism is not limited to the south. It’s NATIONWIDE. I remember Malcolm X once said “Stop talking about the South. As long as you south of the Canadian border, you’re South”

    And Fuck Bill Murray, Fuck HIM! He doesn’t have any skin in the DACA issue. He’s not going to be impacted by this issue whatever happens. He didn’t have to say anything. Now all of those movies that i loved from childhood, I have to give the Side Eye.


    I wish all these aging white celebrities would just shut the fuck up!

    Speaking of Black History – When you guys were in school in NC, Did they teach about what happened Wilmington, NC in 1898? The only successful coup d’etat on US soil. It was the turning point in post-reconstruction, started Jim Crow in the South. I heard about it from a 2 part episode on “Stuff you Missed In History Class” podcast. You and your listeners check it out if you get a chance.

    Thanks for the podcast. Have a good weekend.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    This I’ll be kind of long, so feel free to read part of it.

    I love the coverage you have been giving to the ish going on in the New York City school system. New York is a great bastion of racism as much as the people like to pretend otherwise. Don’t forget, this is the city that elected Rudy Giuliani, the Donald Trump of mayors, the city that gave us Howard Beach, Abner Luima, and many, many, many other examples of racism at work. Of the white people I have encountered in the NYC school system very few were not racist, whether they were low key or blatant about it. You are 100% correct when talking about charter schools, not only are they designed to siphon money from public schools, they have used charter schools and “community schooling” to bamboozle parents into agreeing to allow their kids to go to resegregated schools. Naturally, they allow a some of the most academically and situationally (working parents, “good homes”) into the charter schools, but that is serving to create a two-tiered educational experience in communities of color; which results in the defectors creation of the Frederick Douglass advocated talented tenth approach to education.

    Regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo (pronounced Quomo), he has long been racist, classist and anti-worker; check his history when he was in charge of HUD. He is only advocating for the right things now becuase he is trying to position himself to be a democratic presidential candidate, and he knows he can’t make inroads by pandering to racists whites. This guy would probably plant racist trees, that’s how bad he is.

    Anyway, as you can see, I have a lot to say about the crap going on in New York.

    Love you guys, and I can’t wait to hear your review of Black Panther.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Racist trees. Damn. Can’t have nothing.

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