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TNO 103: Wakanda Forever

Rod, Aaron, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, Black Panther, what we’ve been watching and entertained by, FCC protestor, Game of Thrones creators doing Star Wars, Elon Musk, Supergirl shipping, Charmed reboot, Venom trailer, Joaquin Phoenix wants to play the Joker, Lobo movie, Transformers will reboot, Natalie Portman wants back in, Kick Ass, Comicsgate, Disney streaming won’t have R rated movies, Kitty Pryde movie, Gambit release date, video games blamed for school shooting, Kung Fury, Sony almost bought all Marvel characters, Stan Lee, Ben Affleck, wearing African garb to Black Panther, rumor about Black Panther lesbian romance and Fortnite Pro player fired.


  1. Amani

    Are we sure Thanos isn’t the one running Disney right now, because they showed up in 2018 and just decided to step on everyone’s neck. Black Panther’s about to do a billion, Wrinkle in Time in March, fuck it why not move Avengers to April? And Kriss is right on Infinity War getting that Black Panther bounce. I had my homegirl who never watches comic books movies pissed that she has to see the next one after I told her Okoye and Wakanda were going to be in it too. You know someone is cutting up scenes of M’Baku and Shuri for the next trailer just to remind folks this money train don’t stop.

    And we’re finally getting a Moon Girl series? Just get all that Black girl STEM love. Then you top it off with Coates writing Black Panther dropping the 4th of July? Let the haters cry their SJW tears all day, Marvel is too busy stacking checks to care. And I didn’t even mention Star Wars or The Incredibles. Disney is out here juggling heavy hitters like Aaron hosting a review episode.

    And Karen’s Natalie Portman agenda so good! Rod over here trying to be fair and accurate and she just yadda yadda’d that whole shit. “Thank you for informing me, it’s been noted.” And that was BEFORE we found out she was playing a character that turned out to be Asian.

    P.S. It’s not really nerd news, but Atlanta byke dawg!!!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Karen and The Karen Tribe,

    So not only is New Mutants taking a year off abroad, but they going to add a whole new character to the film? Can I call my shot and say Fant4stic Part 2?

    Now a serious question. We all enjoy problematic movies, what are some of you guys favorite problematic movies? Mine is Players Club, if that came out today Ice Cube would have to assume a new identity cause the timeline would be hot and that short loud dude would be played by Kevin Hart.

    Take care guys and remember. Make the money, but don’t let the money make you. Thank You Lisa Raye.


  3. DeonBmore

    What up Nerd Off Crew?

    Ya’ll see they are going to have Coates writing Captain America starting on the fouth of July?! The think pieces and the racist white nerd rage/tears are going to be delicious. I’m a little surprised Marvel is having Coates write this book only because his writing on BP is so dense that I’m sure that the white nerds will have their arms folded and shit on this book immediately. I’m looking forward to it, hopefully it’s good.

    Black Panther is making all the money and I’m loving it. Anybody else expecting DC to learn all of the wrong lessons from BP’s success and just focus on the black part and not the authentic story telling ability and talent of the creators and crew who work on this movie? I’m waiting for DC to announce that they are producing an Amazing Man movie that will be directed by Tim Story.

    Lastly can someone please let all of the dusty and hotep niggas know that they are not Erik Killmonger? Michael B Jordan’s performance was excellent as a charismatic and compelling villain, but at the end of the day he was a villain and highly fucked up individual. It’s a shame that these problematic niggas are going to use him as an avatar for all of their fucked up views and ways.

    Anyway ya’ll keep up the good fight, peace.

  4. BoyWonder

    What’s goin on, Rod, Karen, Kriss, and Aaron. Long time listener, first time commenter. I’ll make this as brief as possible. I do a podcast with a fellow POC and the conversation a few weeks ago about podcast numbers, downloads, etc., really gave me (and I’m sure many others) a lot of information and, more importantly, hope. When you feel like you did great show only to then look at the Libsyn numbers and see tumbleweeds, it can take the wind out of one’s sails. However, ya’ll made me feel like getting up, dusting myself off, and pushin’ forward. All I can say is “Thank you”; truly…thank you. Any chance of ya’ll doin’ a one-off episode on the business of podcasting? It would be interesting to see how complicated things are behind the scenes of something that all of you make look so ‘easy’ (i.e editing, uploading, choosing a hosting site, scheduling guests, etc.). Lastly, you’re totally right about men not being able to cry anything but the masculine “Glory Tear’ when they feel anything; and that was exactly what I was planning on doing going into Black Panther. Just crying, if ANYTHING, a singular…lonely.. Glory tear. But nigga…..when T’challa first flew into Wakanda like “this never gets old”….I broke down in a “black dude from Intervention Best Cry Ever” bawl fest. And I just accepted it and let the tears run. Anyway, I love ya’ll. Peace!

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