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BDS 245: Don’t Televise The All Star Draft

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA All-Star Weekend, Rae Carruth, Rich Cho fired, Giannis wants Lebron, Russian doping curler, Redick racist, Louisville stripped of title, FBI investigating NCAA, Greg Hardy wins fight, Lebron getting political, Durant too, Wade blamed Love, Kuzma shades Zo, Jets want Cousins, racism in NHL, Favre CTE, Marty Hurney back, Malik Monk crash, Aldon Smith child support, Panther’s potential buyer, Malcolm Butler, Reuben Foster, athletes paying for Black Panther, Tom Brady Super Bowl ring sold, swipe right couple, players get probation, Wall going back to college, NBA mental health, skier kicked out of Olympics, Isiah Thomas shades Lebron, Anne Veriato, Dallas Mavericks workplace harassment and Dejounte Murray wins All Star Weekend.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Ju’Wesley Johnson,

    I hope all is well.

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Wesley Johnson was cobsidering a career in acting cuz he fell down on the court like he was in a Life Alert commercial. Harden looked at Johnson the way Chris Tucker looked at Jintao after shooting him; just disgusted.

    Speaking of digusted, I need King James to not stand next to Ben Simmons ever again, especially if they both got their backs to the camera. They looked like a before and after of a Bejing commercial. Also, shouts out to Bron for that between the legs pass against thr Sixers.

    Shouts out to everyone who has come out and said that one and done is some racist bullshit! And conversely, shouts out to the NCAA for citing the court case that ruled federal prisoners were not eligible for the federal minimum wage due to the prison slavery exemption in the 13th ammendment *as reasoning to not pay players*! It’s like the NCAA heard pros say they were racist and they hit that Cam Newton head nod to show folks they ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Shouts out to Robert Kraft for trying to out-ITWAN Tom Brady and Gronk by having a break baby and not claiming it! What if Kraft is telling the truth and his girl had the baby with Putin?

    The NCAA created amateurism to get out of paying workman’s comp to the wife of a player who paralyzed playing for Colorado back in the 30’s. I spent the whole Louisville/Adidas FBI case wondering what laws had been actually been broken? Cuz boosters paying players is *legal*. And this aint the first time the NCAA has tried to flex actual legal authroity to enforce their rules; when Nevin Shapiro was under oath for actual crimes, the NCAA sent a lawyer to ask him questions about *paying players at The U*! Meanwhile, the NCAA can’t move a Title IX case forward? Especialy in the context of when female athletes (hi Kansas!) are abused through by the schools? Fuck the NCAA.

    Have a great day and weekend yall, peace!

  2. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and Jeno Smith. Hope you fellas had a good week. Justin’s boy Geno is a flat earth further. Now I see why people wanna punch him in the face. And, ESPN is looking mighty funny with how they’re letting folks talk slick about the whack ass ncaa, but Jemele got suspended for her NFL shit. We see you. Smooches!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and JCAA

    I am disgusted by these college kids taking this money! Outraged!! Nigga how are you talking about first round picks and you’re ONLY getting $10,000?! Know your worth! Ugh disgusting. Maybe that’s how Fultz hurt his shoulder, carrying bags of money around the crib once he signed for real money.

    The first time I heard the news and they were talking about ASM paying players I thought they were interviewing The Rock on a new seasons of Ballers. Wasn’t Roy just saying they weren’t part of it last week? Which NC State fan ran to snitch on them and Duke?

    It’s just funny how seriously I hear white commentators covering this story, like college sports ever had real integrity. It’s such a plantation, somebody realized “hey these niggers are getting paid” and the fucking FBI came to investigate. The feds didn’t even go that hard at Baylor. And I’m not even talking about the sexual assaults we find more about every week, I mean the time one of their players killed another player and their coach tried to cover it up. I’m just here for the jokes, this whole thing is dumber than Geno Smith trying to get on that Kyrie flat earth train.

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