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TNO 105: Black People Selling

Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Walking Dead spin offs, Ava might be doing New Gods, Lauren Cohan wage equality, Jessica Alba joins Bad Boys, Kristen Wiig cast as Cheetah, Logan’s Run remake, Star Wars news, Black Panther sequel, Joker Origin movie will be The Killing Joke, Jesse Eisenberg hopes to return to DC movies, Venom cast Sope Aluko, Spike Lee, Okoye spin off trilogy, Dora Milaje getting a comic, Buffy reboot, Vin Diesel Bloodshot movie, Spawn shooting in May, LOTR could cost Amazon 500 million, Shai hating on Transformers, Stranger Things verbal abuse allegations, DeWanda Wise exits Captain Marvel, Cali repair law, Shadow of the Tomb Raider coming this year, Stan Lee might be getting abused and Alexa laughing.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Karen, Rod, Aaron, and Kris”I can do this all day” Rogers,

    First I like to think Kris for his service, he was playing Dynasty Warriors on twitter and winning. Second I hope rod got that Fox Movie news.

    Moving on, how is Agents of Shield and Black Lightening on free tv? Like Agent’s last ep was so good it had me questioning was I real or from the rift? I want another season but if they go out on top I would be good with it.

    And over on Black Lightning Lala is stealing every scene he is in, his actor is damn good. And the ASA dude is that old timey racist that is almost charming. I hate the season is almost ever.

    Take care


  2. Amani

    I’d really like to take this time to give WB an apology. We’ve been so focused on how poorly they’ve been running their studio, that we don’t point out how trash Fox is nearly as much as we should. Dawg they’re pushing back New Mutants AGAIN and delaying Dark Phoenix? They’re gonna be looking around Comic-con like “What Mutants?” I hope somebody told Alexandra Shipp before she goes full Hawk Dolezal. They’re just lucky Ryan Reynolds ignored them and basically forced their hand into Deadpool in the first place.

    Speaking of Deadpool, that Donald Glover script. Goddamn!! How is this nigga so talented and who do I have to bribe to get them to reconsider? That shit was flames. I need that in my life like that Queer Black Buffy y’all were pitching last week.

    And Alexa laughing at niggas now? You’re gonna tell her to turn on your xbox and she’s just gonna hit you with the I’m afraid I can’t do that Dave. At this point I’m just waiting for twitter arguments to influence the AI. You go to McDonalds with their burger flipping robots and all of a sudden Siri won’t turn on your lights because you let another robot fix your plate.

  3. brandonisbmore

    What’s up Rod, Kriss, Aaron and maybe Karen

    So how good was that Deadpool 2 trailer!! Nigga it’s like it’s two different Fox’s one that makes Deadpool films and markets them and one that makes everything else. Infinity War followed by deadpool a couple weeks later what a time to be alive.

    Also did you guys check out Krypton? I watched the first episode and it’s not bad. Basically Adam Strange went back in time to inform Superman’s Grandfather that someone is traveling through time and space to stop Superman from ever being born. That person apparently is Braniac and he actually looks good. They have good CG and a lot of people in color apparently in this world Zod’s Grandmother or some ancestor is a black women who runs the military. It’s an interesting concept I’ll gonna give it 3-4 episodes to see how it gets better.

    Lastly for Aaron I just got an Oculus Rift and nigga that shit is addicting. I had to be in VR for 8’hours the first day. They got Rise of the Tomb Raider in VR and that shit was scary as fuck. Also tried that rick and Morty too. What are some VR games that you reccomend?

    Thanks for all the great content


  4. collapsus

    Great episode 5 stars. You guy’s turned me on to Uber and reignited my comic interest.

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