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TTM 34: Champagne Papi

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In a very special episode Rod and Bassey discuss FX’s “Atlanta.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey I’m listening to the episode now and I love what you and Bassey had to say about the whole champagne papi episode I completely agree with a lot of what yall said as far as Van is concerned I feel as though she places herself in these situations where she’s trying to be something that she’s not.

    I could be wrong I don’t know maybe I’m a little messy but that’s just what I think especially with the June teenth episode I mean I get the reason why she went to the party but that definitely was a place that you know she really wasnt a vibe and It seens like shes trying to fit in with her friends on certain things.

    I also picked up on the fact that Candice is actually Earn’s cousin or family member because when they get to the party bus they say that the she says her name. and she says her name is Candace marks if you wanna go back and check that most definitely I think you should but yeah her name is Candace marks so she is related to Earn. I appreciate you guys. I love the show. Keep on keepin on.


  2. ClassicRandBLover


    I wanted to thank you for your comments about this episode. It felt just like what white women and far too many black men think and feel about black women. The episode left a bitter and long-lingering taste in my mouth. The fact that it came on the heels of Teddy Perkins made it that much worse.

  3. HvyWght

    It bothers me that Van always seems to be searching for validation/identity when she and Ern are on the outs. I, too, am ready for her character to be able to stand alone. I think she’s probably younger than the guys, maybe 24-25. That being said, there were a couple aspects of this episode that I liked. I looked like they were trying to examine “perception vs reality”. Van wants her Life to be perceived as poppin, but the reality isn’t that. Nadine perceiving that she’s dying when the reality is that she’s trippin HARD. The perception is that Brandon is a “nice guy” and we find the reality that he’s a creep. Darius posing the question are we perceiving ourselves as alive when we’re really simulations? The perception is that Drake is at this party and these women are partying with him, with the reality being that they’re paying to take pics with a cardboard cut out (they’re the ones I thought of as being robbed this episode). And, the perception that Drake is Black when really “Drake’s Mexican!” I also felt like Tammy was supposed to be perceived as the “angry Black woman” then find the reality that she was hurt over the rejection Black women can face from Black men. I think she mentions Brad and Shonda to counter Becky’s point about all there being to it was “two good people found each other.” If that was all there was to it, why is it such a novelty when a successful white man ends up with a Black woman? Lastly, I think her “I Love him, too!” wasn’t specific to Devion, but expressive of Black women’s Love for Black men, even through the rejection.

  4. Peaches749

    I am and have been wherever Bassey is because, Owls? Forrealdoe? Drake❤Owls

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