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1662: The Right To Coon

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Rod and Karen discuss Starbucks taking a day off to retrain everyone, Kendrick wins a Pulitzer, teachers giving tiny bats, LGBTQ news, man shot by imaginary black guys, Diamond and Silk, GA city proclaims Confederate History Month, woman comes onto the Easter Bunny, cop assaults man suicidal man, mom pees on officer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Coqui

    Do they have any shame at all?
    I’m embarrassed *for* them, since they don’t seem to have sense enough to know how they look to us.
    Remember when our grandparents warned us not to shame our family and our people?
    D&S didn’t get the message, apparently.

  2. EvieE

    I refuse to believe Diamond and Silk visits anybody’s salon because those are the same tired lace fronts they’ve been wearing since they started tap dancing. They’re hair is the long haired version of whatever is going on with Jermaine Jackson’s head. I guess their cooning isn’t paying enough if they haven’t gotten new wigs yet. Funny how quick they were to cry racism when it happened to them. These chicks can go straight to hell.

  3. Trey_swindu744

    Time will tell if Starbucks is really sincere about changing, we will just have to wait and see. The main thing is to never stop holding them , other companies and people accountable when they do racist fuckery like this.

    Thank you guys for saying what you said about us reading and studying our history-even the tough and triggering parts. If we don’t study it -we are doomed to repeat it!

    So happy for Kendrick winning a Pulitzer-whispers(he should have got one for the black panther soundtrack too).

    Co-sign on term limits too Karen!

    Thank’s you too ,for keeping me sane in an insane world !

    One love,

  4. Marci

    I love that Kendrick album, even though it’s clearly got nothing to do with me…but I can recognize a masterpiece of art when I hear it. I will shed nothing but happy tears for his accomplishment and have a good time laughing at all the other whites acting like racist little babies.

  5. KelB

    My initial reaction to Starbuck’s announcing their diversity training day shutdown was “Damn! How are y’all gonna punish ME? I’m a potential victim of your racist employees.” It seemed overkill to close all locations nationwide at once. Then it occurred to me this is in essence their own protest to force everyone’s attention to this being an American problem. So many white folks are going to be butt hurt on 5/29. I see you Starbuck’s. LOL! I can’t wait to see this new post-diversity coffee cup artwork though. Golden.

  6. andrewbutts

    Hi Rod and Karen. Just wanted to thank Karen for the Uncivil Podcast recommendation. I’m a former History and Anthropology academic. I’m really enjoying the latest episode and have added it to my podcast rotation.

  7. Angela

    I believe people have asked Rod before about the books you’ve read or are reading. Do you have a goodreads account that you can share?

  8. Steven Thompson

    Nothing against the poetry at the beginning of the show, but I’m so glad you brought some lyrics back, especially if it’s Phonte (New Tigallo, New Tigallo, New Tigallo). NC all day, nigga!

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