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BDS 255: LeBronada

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, the other Cavs, Shaq and Barkley get into it, Adrien Broner, Dannell Ellerbe won’t visit white house, Future not seeing his kid, Blake Griffin don’t owe his baby mama shit, Dirk joke, Demar pump fake fine, National Anthem protest, Catfish beer bong, Kim Pegula named Bills president, ESPN gets petty about The 6, Kanye still sponsored by Adidas, Panthers DB coach resigns, Lebron investment in soccer, RG3 trademarks are dead, Money Matt Ryan, Big Ben won’t mentor rookie, Britt McHenry, NC Central coach, Khloe in hell, Ingram suspended, T-Wolves coach resigns, LiAngelo Ball, Stan Van Gundy let go, Syracuse football cancer scandal, reporter steals jacket, UFC and ESPN, Reuben Foster, Condy Rice on the NCAA, Eric Reid, Gronk contract, Skechers sues Adidas, Donald Penn off the hook, Wendell Carter’s mom and Carlos Gray.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jye Lue,

    I hope all is well.

    They say that a player reverts to their truest form in the face of adversity. It’s why LeBron James turns into King James. It’s why Kevin Durant is able to fluidly score and ignore his teammates and coach. And it’s why Chris fucking Paul tried to heel kick Kevin Durant in the balls. Since Julius Hodges, Chris Paul has been a testical striking terrorist in the paint.

    When LeBron innovated his game, he added a strong mid range jumper and a “fuck y’all niggas” top of the key three. The Warriors training staff’s innovation was to make Steph Curry strong as a field hand (he can deadlift 405 pounds). Chris Balls newest wrinkle to his game was throwing a vintage Kobe-grade elbow into Kevin Durant’s brown eye! Why does Chris Balls keep doing this when it has never actually helped him on the court? How is Chris Balls 6 feet evem but playing with the anger of 5 foot 6 inch nigga?

    Ty Lue won an NBA title his first year as a head coach, bet on himself and got a big ass contract. And yet his light skint coaching reminds me why he’ll always be “The Nigga Allen Iverson Stepped Over”. Fuck Boston as a city, municipality and a team. “Scary” Terry Rozier? Nigga you from Youngstown and that shit doesn’t work on other Ohio niggas.

    Shouts out to the NCAA valiant but failed effott to fight legalized gambling on sports. And the NCAA can pre-emptively rollerblade down the stairway to heaven for when some players get implicated in a gambling scandal and they try to fry them.

    Have a great weekend y’all, peace!

  2. rodimusprime

    How’s it going fellas?

    I’m just emailing to agree that Cheryl’s little brother is trash on commentary.

    Also, did you guys see the clip of The ball tapper Chris Paul elbow Durant in the ass? He must have thought KD was facing the other way

    Cheers Wonga

  3. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & Jeph Curry’s Knee,

    I just wanted to let you know that thanks to Balls Deep I can no longer watch Chris Paul dribble the ball without hearing “dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble” over and over again in my head. I was watching Game 2 with a friend and I was dying laughing everytime Chris handled the ball. My friend thought I was crazy.

    Do ya’ll think that the Celtics are going to get Lebron & the Cavettes up outta here? If they do I’m not mad, it will give Bron & Savannah a head start on looking at real estate and schools wherever they decide to go from here. If anybody gives Lebron shit about losing in the playoffs or leaving Cleveland he should just send them that SNL clip of the other Cavaliers.

    Peace out Ya’ll

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