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1682: Stop It!

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. bamil73

    I was shocked and appalled to be witness to Rod’s virulent anti clock rant. I didn’t know you had such hate in your heart for clocks Rod. Honestly it hurt. As someone who looked up to you as a podcasting genius, it was such a slap in the face. How could the maker of such hits as ” now it’s the TIME for some guess the race” be against the analog clock.



  2. EKM


    You guys are always on point, but exceptionally so, lately. For most of my life, I’ve strongly identified with being opinionated… & more specifically, logical & “brutally honest.” I felt validated in giving my opinion & advice, no matter the tone, if it was right. Never caring about or considering, the feelings of those who loved & supported me. I consciously chose friends, who were also of this ilk, making my way of being, more justifiable & convenient. This way of being has caused numerous, unnecessary disagreements, & pauses in very important relationships. Thankfully, I’ve been awakened these past couple years. So, your comment about not needing to be mean to be honest, really hit me. I really appreciate it. It reaffirms what I’m learning about the old & new me.


  3. alldayeveryday

    Reasons to keep the clocks with the hands:

    1. We’re talking about clocks… in schools. Isn’t that the place they should be learning anyway?

    2. The only skill needed is Simple Math – multiplication and adding. These are tools tbat will also carry you far when you are trying to figure out how many items you can buy in a store or when deciding… how much to tip. It’s simple math.


    Love y’all

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