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1689: Pusha Tea

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Rod and Karen discuss Pusha T dissing Drake, more Roseanne fall out, televangelist needs a plane, Sweet Jesus ice cream, SC politician black face, Dolezal charged with welfare fraud, Lil Tay, Reparations Happy Hour, drug arrest, woman forges resumes and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Amil

    Do you think it would be entirely inappropriate to respond to someone at work, who is being annoying with “You are hiding a child” using Pusha T’s cadences? No, not appropriate?

    Your break-down of “Story of Addidon” was very engaging. I have a couple things to clarify about Drake’s track.

    First, “duppy” is the Jamaican catch-all term for ghosts, evil spirits or anything otherworldly. Not just specifically ghost monster. For example one would refer to a horror film as a “duppy show”.

    Second, as we all know, Drake is from Toronto. Toronto’s black youth/popular culture is pretty much dominated by Jamaican dance-hall culture or variations of it. In the 70’s and 80’s, there was a large influx of Jamaican immigrants to Canada and most of them settled in Toronto. It seems as if most Jamaicans have a relative or three that live in Canada. Toronto niggas love Jamaican shit, which is why when Rihanna did that “Work” video, people thought it was filmed in Jamaica, but it was actually Toronto. In recent years some Jamaicans have started to get annoyed with Torontonians co-opting our shit and not crediting us. I don’t care one way or another but apparently, it has become a thing.

    On a separate note, I believe Pusha will be the second rapper to receive a Pulitzer. Not for artistic effort, but for investigative journalism. This nigga scoured the blogs and the alleys of lipstick to stockpile the tea, then he spilled it. Talk about evil spirits, Pusha is the real duppy, he said “tick tick tick, that man is sick sick sick”, that line is pure evil.


  2. Evie E

    Pusha T handed Drake that L to the point where Drake is putting out long ass explanations on Instagram. No one has heard from Drake since that. I’m not sure how Drake can come back from that diss but I think he’ll be fine. Because it looks like Pusha is making the same mistake Remy Ma did. When Shether came out, everyone had a good laugh because Remy destroyed Nicki. But then Remy kept going and talking it up and basically she beat a dead horse to the point where people were saying that she just needs to go away. And Nicki was just fine when it was all said and done.

    Pusha has been riding high off of this but he keeps on clowning and I’m already seeing comments from people saying to let it go. The jokes will be there for the next week or so but people have short attention spans and eventually they’ll move on to the next beef and Drake will be okay like Nicki. But If I was Drake, I would lay low until this dies down because…damn. Just damn.

    As for Lil Tay, her mother and brother are going to get that little girl hemmed up. Her mother was a real estate agent and what she was doing was having Lil Tay filmed in these elaborate houses and that little girl was saying that was her house. She had Lil Tay driving her bosses car. That’s why she was getting fired. The client recognized his house in one of Lil Tay’s videos. Lil Tay has also been caught on film being coached by her brother on what to say. The thing is, there have been videos of people rolling up on Tay and her brother and they look shook. Fortunately for them, those people who filmed them only wanted to clown. But it’s only a matter of time before someone will want to flex and get violent with her for clicks. Her mother and older brother are trash. I hope child protective services step in.

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