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BDS 260: Stephen Ass Eating Smith

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Lonzo drops a diss track, Serena pulls out of French Open, Diddy doesn’t want an NFL team any more, TO HOF beef, GameStop Ray Rice tweet, Kellen Winslow Jr arrested, Lamelo signs with his daddy’s league, KD might retire at 35, Lambo trying to expose Lebron, Durant contract, Lebron injury effects gambling, KD not good enough for BBB, Greg Hardy signed to UFC, Lebron producing doc for HBO, cheerleader sues Cowboys, Conor McGregor going to court, Colangelo leaking, Tyson threw a glass at Don King, new NCAA rules, spurs rejected trade offer for Kawhi, Pats shopped Gronk and Stephen A Smith.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Cocaine Swaggy,

    I need to give yall an update on where the pimps and playas dwell because I’m not listening to Whitlock’s comments. Julio Jones has been working out with T.O. this summer and has decided that his skillset is worth more than Sammy Watkins and therefore wants more money. I don’t see the issue. The falcons may have to find the money but Julio is such a big part of the team and the city itself I know they’ll make it work. But niggas are niggas and niggas have internet. The commentary coming out of the Falcons facebook group I’m in has been wild. There are grown-ass men who I assume finished high school saying that Julio’s contract talks are a distaction and he needs to go. WHAT!? Some people (like me) are also saying we need to grab Kaepernick as backup so we can keep the offense going in case Ryan goes down. It is amazing how many folks would STILL rather lose than have that man on a football team. What’s the dumbest hot take yall have heard over a team you support?

    Before I go, shoutout to “Crab Legs” Winston, yall Tampa Bay folks stay skrong.



  2. rodimusprime

    Hey rod and jwight Howard

    Damn this mofo can’t keep still!
    A guy of his size and talent shouldn’t be moving around the league so often!

    1) where does this smiley ass nigga end up next?

    2) how much time he got left?

    3) will he joint a contender and ring chase

    4) should we even consider the thought that he could be in the hall of fame?

    5) is he a ain’t my fault all star?

    One love


  3. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jolin Jowheard,

    I hope all is well.

    Oh how the mighty hath fallen. I still remember back on the 09 Eastern Conference Finals being in awe of Dwight Howard putting in work against the Cavs. I thought back then that Mr. Shoulder Man would win a ring and I’d have to deal with the Dwight Hive talking cash shit about LeBron.

    But shouts out to Dwight Howard for being such a difficult ass to deal with that that never happened! Nigga went from being the face of a franchise to having his face on a milk carton (even though his face should be in sex offender registry for flying out those damn kids). Has Dwight told his annual “I’m gonna add 3 pointers to my game” lie yet? That’s usuallu how i make the start of the off-season.

    Congratulations to Duke’s Grayson Allen for getting drafted by the Utah Jazz! Qwhite the pick up for the team and it makes sense since they lost Gordan Hayward. JL Cauvin must be estatic!

    Did y’all see Baker Mayfield not being here for any of Colin Cowherd’s shit? That’s the Browns first victory in like a year! Got me out here like TO saying “that’s my quarterback!”

    In trying times like these, thanks for being funny as hell. Have a great day and weekend y’all, peace!

  4. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J America. Our country is a wreck, thanks for making us laugh. Smooches!

  5. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jwight Howard

    Has there ever been a bigger fall from grace by a hall of famer who can still play? I mean the nigga just put up 16 and 12 this season and he’s getting treated like he’s Greg Ostertag. It’s not even like he finally got in trouble for the underage girls either, sounds like the whole league just hates dude’s guts.

    And I didn’t even remember you guys hired Kupchak, until the world’s biggest Mozgov fan came out again. He gave that bum $64 million in LA and now he’s bringing him back to Charlotte. I didn’t even know he was still in the league.

    And look at Puma making moves back in the sneaker game!.Signing up all the college kids and even bringing in Jay-Z. Now I need Pony to bring in Donald Glover and try to make a comeback. Where is Saucony’s revival? Fila about to come up?

    Alright y’all appreciate the show as always. Hope Justin doesn’t get caught slipping and have to apologize like Stephen Ass-eating Smith.

  6. rodimusprime

    Good morning Rod and J. McHale,

    I’m pretty sure at least one of y’all has a Kevin McHale agenda, so him showing up at a Trump rally in Minnesota is definitely a win for that. Perhaps he just wanted to be in a building full of screaming racist white people because it reminded him of his time playing for the Celtics.

    Speaking of Boston, recently you talked about the Red Sox fans reaction to the team using a rainbow logo on gay pride day, so I thought I’d fill in on the racist history of the Red Sox under the Yawkeys, because I’m willing to bet it’s quite a bit worse than you think:

    – In 1945, the Red Sox GM brought in three top black players for a tryout, including Jackie Robinson. At the time they had one of the greatest players of all-time in Ted Williams, but not enough good players around him. But apparently, the GM never told the owner Tom Yawkey about the tryout, because Yawkey ran down from the owner’s box yelling “Get those niggers off the field!” So that was the end of that. The Red Sox ended up being the last MLB team to integrate, not doing so until 1959 and completely wasting Ted Williams, as they only had one playoff appearance and zero championships during his career. In fact, not only were they the last MLB team to integrate, they were also the last Boston pro team to integrate. That’s right, the Bruins had a black guy out there playing ice hockey before Yawkey was finally shamed into it.

    – During spring training in Florida, the Red Sox had an unofficial partnership with a whites-only country club, and gave out free passes to white players and coaches. This continued all the way until 1985, until black assistant coach and former player Tommy Harper finally blew the whistle and told the local newspaper. Harper was promptly fired, after which he sued them and won. The Red Sox were so racist and had such a bad reputation among black players, they didn’t sign their first black free agent until 1992.

    Their new ownership that took over in 2003 has to their credit confronted all this bullshit and made some effort to improve things, but the stink of all that is gonna take a few more generations to wash off at least.

    Sorry for the length of this, and keep up the great work.


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