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BDS 267: Faithful Island

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Lebron opens a school, Dak and Zeke back up Jerry Jones, Tristan mushed Draymond, Urban Meyer placed on leave, Tristan roasted on Insta, Dwight Howard, Live 19 intros ability to create female players, Tom Benson’s ugly estate battle, Lebron regrets giving son his name, Clark Kent, Terrence Williams cleared of all charges, D Rose college scholarship program, Ben Gordon pleads no contest, Blake Griffin child support settlement, Melo gets his money, TO disses Jerry Jones, Drummond wants to shoot threes, Shawne Merriman bare knuckle boxing, Florida player stopped with AR-15 in car, JR Smith throws a fan’s phone, Sean Newcomb has some old tweets, Jameis has grown and learned, Bryce Love, Gloria Govan sued, Lindsey Ok’s old tweets, Adrien Broner, Roquan Smith, NFL helmet rule, Austin Watson, Vernon Butler, baseball players hugging and Megan Denise.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Pastor Jay Lewis,

    I hope all is well with y’all.

    Y’all ever hear someone say something so passionately that it gets you fired up, but the longer you think about it the dumber it sounds? Ray Lewis’ speech was a 33 sweaty and loud ass minutes of that.

    Nigga sweated through his hall of fame jacket, said that double murder was “god testing him”, put his cape on for the owners to admonish player’s *pride*, said Odell Beckham removed God from his life, said we need to add prayer back to schools and kept cooning for the owners. Bible says “thou shall not lie” yet and still Ray Lewis was out there with a scalp lathered in freshest coat of Sherwin Williams paint money could buy.

    And who y’all think Ray Lewis’ bust looked like? I thought it looked like Eric Holder trying not to react to a really bad fart.

    Conversely, Randy “Chuck It On Up There Dawg!” Moss was so dope out there. His bust had his rows (and actually looked like him) and my nigga had that tie to show solidarity with victims from police murders. Randy Moss is the bestest. And he showed up with his original hairline.

    Speaking of the NFL, a buddy of mine raised a good point about the Browns and Hard Knocks: making us care about the Browns as people off the field is the only avenue of manipulation the team hasn’t used to make us root for them. Shouts out to Javaris Jenkins for cussing out the receving corps, as if he is the first person to do that. If cussing at Browns players made them better they’d have won 10 Super Bowls by now.

    Also, shouts out to Kelvin Benjamin for acting like Cam didn’t win an MVP and go to a Super Bowl *without* him. Have fun getting hit in the back with all those incompletions from Josh Allen.

    Have a great show, day and weekend y’all, peace!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Benjamin

    My man had a lot to say about Cam’s arm this week, but I guess one thing he didn’t doubt was the accuracy of that man’s hands. He was on that Steve Smith program and Kelvin did one not nary an ounce of smoke. He remembers Cam smiling while giving the business to Josh Norman and he froze up like I do when I’m trying to read Cam’s wingding instagram fonts. But let me ask the local opinion, was Kelvin Benjamin right or just copping pleas?

    Speaking of pleas, shout out to the man who single-handedly brought down crime in Baltimore every Sunday… as long as you’re not related to him. I don’t know if he was better at stopping the run on the field, or on his head with that Begin. You know Ray was gonna coon it up, and he did not disappoint! I had to take both knees down and appreciate a performance like that. Remember guys, you don’t need to be smart, to be a leader. And that really explains so much about him.

    And twitter idiots tried to suck the fun out of it, but I’m not about to let the chance to slander that baggy jeans wearing, henny drinking, cigar smoking second best player alive. Congrats on being on the same side as 45 MJ stans! I don’t want to hear facts or nuance either, I know all that, but these jokes are gonna fly and you just lost the big joker.

    Alright y’all have a great week, appreciate the work as always.

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