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BDS 269: Paying People With Shoes

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, JJ Redick stumbles onto some human trafficking, Kaepernick, Tiger back, Maryland scandal, Jalen Ramsey talking shit, Pitino’s lawsuit dismissed, Randy Moss receives hate  mail, Kobe inspired the Big 3, fan sneaks into Steelers practice, LeSean McCoy being sued, Melo to the Rockets, James Harden named in police report, Fred Williams fired, Callaway played pre-season game, Lonza Ball commercial, Brandon Phillips says he didn’t get paid from JBA, Bruce Bowen, Wade will only play for the Heat, Dak’s daddy arrested, Dwight wants to shoot jumpers, IT calls Cleveland a shithole, Elon Musk building tunnel to Dodgers stadium, Feds looking into Ohio State, Zach Smith wants his job back, Lindsey Harding, police union boycotting Dolphins, Tom Herman, Sean Smith gets early release, Josh Norman says ignore Trump, Josh Norman jealous of QBs money, Foles injured, Manziel placed in concussion protocol and Gotsis not charged in rape case.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jurban Meyer,

    Ohio State saying that Meyer was wacked on medication and that needed to be considered when evaluating his mental state made both my hands fly through my ceiling. Know what’s more damning? When I saw a journalist say that *even Baylor didn’t try that shit*.

    Also I didn’t realize until you said it but Ohio State has fired every head coach since Woody Hayes (who punched a Clemson player in the neck during a game (and also victim blamed the victims of the My Lai Massacre)). Earle Bruce didn’t win enough gamed after going 9-3 for like six straight years. Jim Cooper couldn’t beat Michigan. And Jim Tressel lied to the NCAA. And what’s wild is that Ohio State fans are acting like we couldn’t hire another coach who’d be amazing.

    Regarding coach toxcity, I realized that I heard a lotta shit from my football coaches as a kid that would make me wanna square up with someone if they talked to my child like that. Shouts out to my 8th grade football coach, who during a rousing half time speech with us down 20-0 (that would become 56-0), screamed at us, “Y’ALL LETTING THEM DO Y’ALL IN THE BOOTY LIKE SOME HOES!”

    Shouts out to Kyler Murray at Oklahoma, who signed a guranteed contract for $4.7 million to play baseball for the Oakland A’s, but is being allowed to play college football this year at Oklahoma. Am I wrong for wanting Murray to tell his coaches to check their tone talking to him like they got millions?

    Have a great day y’all peace!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jurban Meyer

    These niggas out here wild at Ohio State! Setting aside the domestic abuse which is obviously disgusting and a fireable offense that people need to be going to jail for, this dude Zach Smith was getting sex toys sent to the office? And taking dick pics inside the White House? Obama’s White House???? Where they do that at? He spent more time taking pictures of his own shit at the job than breaking down film.

    But of course, since this is college football nobody gave a fuck about any of that and Urban Meyer got a slap on the wrist 3 game suspension where he’ll be back in time for the Penn State game which will be their biggest chance to lose. They reported he had a conversation about deleting texts older than a year with a staffer and then magically, his phone only went back 12 months, but they expect people to believe he suddenly has “significant memory loss” and takes medicine that affects concentration, memory, and focus. If they really believed that they should fire him because who wants a coach who can’t focus or remember shit? But they just think we’re all idiots and don’t care about women or accountability. Nigga didn’t even have to fake a heart attack this time.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod & Justin,

    This is Jason and I was listening to the last episode and wanted to comment about football culture. I was listening to a podcast called Origins and it’s latest episodes are about Alabama football and Nick Saban. Former players and the current strength & conditioning coach are interviewed. One former player says as freshman they all had to run 16 110 yard sprints prior to the season starting as part of conditioning tests. The player stated they ran these in August in the hot Alabama sun. The only rule they had is that they could not bend over or grasp at their knees if they got tired. If they bent over the rep didn’t count. The player said they ended up running 28 110 yard sprints that day. The strength & conditioning coach said they don’t want to bend over as it is a sign of weakness. What the fuck?

    I’ve played football growing up from 2nd grade through 12th grade. I’ve got stories for days about the craziness I’ve witnessed from playing youth football up through high school.

    Thanks for putting out a great show and looking forward to see you all at the live show next month.


  4. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and Johio State fans. Listen, I understand when you pay a university tens of thousands of dollars you’re going to have an attachment to them, but some of these Ohio State fans are out of their goddamn minds about folks expecting Urban to hold his staff accountable when they do fucked up shit. “It’s such a slippery slope” and “Why aren’t you all outraged with the police instead?” Bullshit. It’s all bullshit. He needs to do fucking better. That’s that. Also, the Maryland situation is horrific. Shit like that is why they need to start giving out the death penalty to these fuckin football programs They should have wiped Penn State’s program off the map behind that Sandusky shit. You have to show all of these people that when you prioritize winning football games over literally everything else, there will be consequences. And nothing sends that message like taking away millions of dollars a year from a program. These people might act a little better if losing everything were a real possibility. And listening to Muschamp’s disgust that someone might be an anonymous source almost made my head explode. A kid literally died at practice, not allegedly, literally… but his disgust is reserved for the anonymous source and not his fucking friend who’s such a good coach and great human. Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here. Anyway, sorry about the length of this comment. I really am disgusted with these people. Have a great weekend. Smooches!

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