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1753: Getting Laid

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Rod and Karen discuss going to the store before a hurricane, a GA school wants to bring back paddling, spy cam in Air Bnb, teens prefer text, bridezilla wants a plantation wedding, white man pulls gun on black college students, Desantis, Amber Guyger tells her account of killing an unarmed black man, woman tries to run her mom over, parks and rec ex-con keeps his job, Oregon lottery threat and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I really hope the Bridezilla stories because a regular part of the show with sound effects and all. I love it. Bridezilla stories are the best. But this bit here had some damn nerve. She posted that shit on Reddit and deleted it because believe it or not most of the people came for her neck and now she’s embarrassed. I really hope her black friend saw that post because it went viral. This way she knows that this woman isn’t really her friend. If I was the black girl, I’d still send a present and on the inside is a doo doo surprise. That way the bride knows exactly what I think of our friendship.

  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I always in the back of my mind figured some crazy shit like that would happen in an Airbnb , when I first heard about them-it threw me for a loop. (People staying in someone else’s home that that they don’t know -shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit (c) Clay Davis) You don’t know that person from fucking Adam,everybody has to be careful out here these
    days. It’s bad enough POC have to deal with possible racism from renting an Airbnb then you throw this weirdo shit into the mix too,be safe out there y’all!

    And I’m so over how Botham Jean is being treated in the wake of his murder by that White woman. They are trying it and I’m over that bullshit- how dare you try to blame a man for getting murdered in his own house by someone who didn’t live there.This world is trash Rod and Karen and anybody who thinks that’s ok to treat him that way is fucking trash!

    Thanks again Rod and Karen,

  3. Amani

    Do you know how pissed Adrian Peterson has to be at this Georgia news?! You mean all I had to do was become a teacher and I could put these child beating hands to good use and nobody would say anything??

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Chad in all his dude bro glory. I don’t know why this story amused me so much considering that some innocent black men got a gun pulled out them. Well, it did have a lot of positives–Black Twitter CSI to the rescue, the 1980s slang, racist white dude losing his job and his wife in the process (turns out he was married), and of course the fact no one got shot. I listened to you two break down that story 3 times because I was chuckling so hard.

  5. Fyahworks

    Hey guys!

    I wanted to make a comment and ask a question. on the Dallas cop /MR jean sad, unfortunate situation. Was the officer in uniform? Because if she was, When do you know police officers, to leave their homes, go to work, do a shift, and come home, all in uniform?
    My brother is a police officer in New York and I know he doesn’t do that! Maybe other cities/states are different! But my point is the story has a lot of holes, but not surprised!!!

  6. rodimusprime

    My old ass didn’t know how to leave a comment underneath the show so I am sending an email

    I just want to let you know that I am one of those black parents that ‘i-tuned’ my 7 year old’s ass (at the time) when I found some purchases and inappropriate google searches. Also he was playing on people’s phones at 2’oclock in the morning and acting up in school!! Needless to say he didn’t have that phone for more than 3 months and now he is 10, still with no phone. Love y’all and please do more guess the race!! That’s my favorite part of the show!

    Thank you,


  7. Jaris Cole

    Dear Morrows,

    First off, y’all been in top form leading up to your live show. (Which I’m bummed I’ll miss but hopefully it’s the first of many!)

    That story about schools bringing back “spankings,” or “whoopins” as Black parents call it, seems par for the course. It seems like everyday we hear about politicians trying to take us back to the old days when white men ran roughshod over everybody. I agree with Rod. The proposal is kinda weak compared to how my momma use to whoop me. She was a master with a belt or Hot Wheels track.

    The fact that that woman had the CAUCACITY to shame her Black friend for not wanting to attend her plantation wedding. PEAK CAUCACITY. Her friend was so nice in her reply. Way nicer than I would’ve been. Same for the guy who pulled a gun on those Black students. Just thinking about that white, female police officer takes me back to Alton Sterling. White people are out of control and it’s so scary.

    Thankfully we have you two to lighten bad news! THANK YOU!

  8. Mrs. Jackson

    I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU ROD!! How dare you not play the “I hate slavery” clip.

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