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BDS 274: Choking With Love

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Adrien Broner banned from Uber, Tristan’s money, Floyd comeback, Melvin Guillard chokes mistress, cop fired for Steling Brown posts, David Tepper hates Trump, Mychal Kendrick’s back, Jaroslav Bobrowski, Antonio Brown crazy and OBJ Facebook show.


  1. rodimusprime

    Howdy Rod and J Gruden,

    I hope all is well.

    Fuck that ref for taking away the Browns fumble (which would’ve gone for a touchdown) in that game against Oakland. Shit had me *heated*. Why are NFL refs so godawful at their jobs? I can assure you the ITWAN levels are high since the refs have become the blame for the Browns losing and not Baker Mayfield’s 4 turnovers. If Tyrod had 4 turnovers, I can’t how many high school principals would’ve said that’s why you can’t trust a Black quarterback.

    Goddamnit, the Browns had niggas hit the Fusion Dance after a touchdown and still lost. And now Chucky has a win. I’m disgusted.

    And further regarding Tyrod Taylor? He is a very good QB, it’s just he has had to succeed in fucked up situations. Like in the last 4 years, the Bills basically rid of every nigga on the QB depth chart and their GM. I’m rooting for every Black quarterback (except Dak; that nigga hairline tells me he votes Republican). I BELIEVE IN THESE NIGGAS! I have a dream, Rod. That one day, Black quarterbacks will be in the league from sea to shining sea. That a we will all support a Black quarterbacks by the content of their character and not their stats sheet.

    Shouts out to CC Sabathia, who was willing to miss out on $500,000 so that he could hit someone with a pitch. CC is a real one.

    Have a great show and weekend y’all, peace!

    Dr Doughstax

  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Mahomies,

    I would love to write in and talk about how good the Falcons are doing, but I can’t. I’m still upset that nasty-ass Philly field took down two of our best defensive players and some other starter gets hurt every week. The only good thing about these games is that I have Calvin Ridley in fantasy and he is noice.

    But I mainly wrote in to say that the Atlanta Braves are in the playoffs. I know yall don’t cover baseball much and I didn’t see many games but it seems those cocky, disrespectful (Randolph voice) BROWN people on the team can swing a bat. Yall covered a story a while ago where people complained certain Braves players celebrated too differently. Who cares about tradition when you get to the playoffs.

    Peace yall,


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jyrie Irving

    Look at Rod out here giving the brokies a free show when it’s supposed to be a week off. Pumpkin spice got you moving in the spirit of the season!

    But what happened to your boy? He was talking all that shit about the world being as flat as a white girl’s ass but now he’s sorry? All that was missing was him adding Justin’s no disrespect. Did someone show him a video of Kanye and he realized that’s how he sounds? Boston threaten to trade him to the Lakers so he can be LeBron’s son again? But you know what I damn sure didn’t hear him say? That he knows the earth is round.

    Rod spreading the gospel of Pat Mahomes made me sad he was never the coach in Carolina. You see what happens when you give Andy Reid a nigga again! He’s out here turning out a lightskin dude with a cannon like video game Mike Vick, imagine what he could have done with Cam.

    But shout out to y’all signing Eric Reid. There’s a new sheriff in town, because you know damn well Massa, I mean Mister wouldn’t have let this slide. And you hear those bombs he was dropping at the press conference? Talking so loud even had RG3 cut his hair and start rocking a fade again.

  4. fyahworks

    What up MR tips, and Justin r Smith,

    I’m sure you guys heard about jr and his walking billboard body of tattoos. His latest one is a supreme tattoo and the nba is talking about giving him fines. I don’t understand why. Is it because they don’t profit off it like they do with Nike adidas etc? Jr, when asked about if he spoke to the league said, “I don’t talk to police”
    Is this blow back for fucking up game one of the finals? Is king James behind this? The end is back is less than 2 weeks! Who do you guys feel, will be the most improved team from last year? Any early mvp favorites?

    Lastly, last week y’all spoke on Patrick mahommes! I finally got to see him play on Monday night football. That boy good!!!
    If the chiefs keep this up, he is in the running for mvp! Do you guys think Andy Reid is the quarterback whisperer? If leveon bell get traded where y’all think he would be a good fit? Love how he said he returning week 7, which is a bye week. I didn’t know players get paid for bye weeks, guess it’s like paid vacation lol

    Peace out


  5. CanuckDuke

    I have to issue a correction: Despite being Canadian, I’m not a Buffalo Bills fan. Historically I’ve been a Detroit Lions fan. I already have to tolerate one mediocre quarterback in my life (Stafford) so please don’t add Josh Allen to the mix for me.

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