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PG 165: A Mockery Of Fake Justice

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball, Teepublic, Fear The Walking Dead, Insecure, The Gifted, LHHH, pre-season basketball, Kawhi Leonard, Pre-Game reality show news, Remy Ma defends Cosby, Judge Joe Brown vs a thug and listener feedback.

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  1. rodimusprime

    What up niggas. Just writing in to see if either of you have had time to check out ESPN’s long form documentary “Basketball: A Love Story”? It’s been on TV at some weird times, but there are 10 episodes total made up of about 62 individual features. All 62 are online (The ESPN App). I did a series record on my DVR and it got all the episodes. I actually finished the last one on Sunday. It’s pretty dope and covers a lot of shit. Everything from the origin of the game to integration to this new trend of Analytics. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I definitely reccommend it whenever you have some time. Also, have y’all seen Disenchantment or The Dragon Prince on Netflix? Both are animated, and really good. Disenchantment it kinda in the same spirit of Paradise PD. It was made by the dude who made The Simpsons if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll holla at you moon crickets later Peace!

    L Brothers

  2. fyahworks

    Damn rod and Justin

    Not only is this the best podcast behind the pay wall, but y’all nigz reading minds too?
    Today, October 5th I started season 2 of big mouth! I was gonna ask y’all if y’all watching big mouth and paradise p.d. Those shows are hilarious! The black cop reminds me of Cleveland brown, and I love the dog too. I hope paradise gets a second season.

    I gotta agree with Justin! Green leaf is flamesssss dog (in my Karen voice) last episode had queen patty and ilyanla vanzant! I thought of you Justin when she put charity on her bosom. It was like watching Fix my life lol! Justin who on that show getting on your nerves the most right now?

    Peace and hair grease


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