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PG 166: Iyanla Fix My Wife

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball, we might be on TV again, going to California, missing TWIB, Manifest, Outcast, The Braxtons, Vic Mensa on abusers, fake Facebook hack, reviewing TV shows, Ballers, Iyanla, the evil inside and listener feedback.


  1. fyahworks

    What up to the hardest working people behind the pay wall!

    Y’all came with that fire early last week!!!!
    Justin hope your trip was enjoyable! Look forward to hearing any stories you share!

    So i haven’t gotten around to it, but I read that Netflix gave iron fist the iron fist and it won’t be returning! Have you guys gotten around to seeing it? I heard it was better than season 1, but I’m not really a fan of Danny rand so I’m not saddened by this news. He will probably still resurface in other marvel shows. Do you see this happening maybe for Luke Cage? Or any of the other marvel shows? I know punisher coming in December and daredevils season 3 about to start this week!!

    Also have you guys ever checked out bojack horseman on Netflix? If so, I’d love you guys thoughts, it’s 5 seasons and I’m in the middle of the first.

    I’ll holla…..


    • Peaches749

      Oh here it is. Thanx Rod

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