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TNO 120: Lara Croft – A Problematic Fave

Rod, Karen and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, James Gunn going to DC, My Hero Academia movie made money, Last Jedi backlash was political trolling, space elevator, MoviePass uncanceling accounts, Erika Alexander going to Black Lightning, Janelle Monae joining cast of Lady and The Tramp, Buffy reboot, Margot is starring in the Barbie movie, Gareth Evans not doing Deathstroke any more, Titans renewed for season 2, ATT making a streaming service, Dark Phoenix reshoots, Rosie Perez cast in Birds Of Prey, Telltale lays off everyone else, Skybound will finish The Walking Dead, PSN name changes, Lil and Stitch getting live-action film, Universal Soldier reboot, Coogler back for Black Panther 2, Scarjo making more Marvel bread, Rambo 5, Kraven movie, She-Ra, Bryan Singer directing Red Sonja, Shazam, Joker extras locked in subway train, Jamie Lee Curtis gun controversy, Lady Gaga could play Ursula, Stan Lee, Brie Larson signs long term deal, Walking Dead hits ratings low, Amazon AI, John Carpenter on Big Trouble In Little China and John Henry movie.


  1. brooklynshoebabe

    10/13/2018 at 2:26 PM

    P.S.: In terms of Ursula being a woman of color, I didn’t really think about it as I was firmly in adulthood when Little Mermaid came out. However, over the years, I’ve read many personal essays online about why and how Ursula was not only a black woman but a black feminist icon! Finally, there was a Disney ad campaign a few years ago where actors and actresses dressed up as their favorite Disney movie characters and Queen Latifah was Ursula. It was in that image that it clicked in my mind that Ursula could be a black woman and only Queen Latifah should star in the live action version. (For pictures, see this link:

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    10/13/2018 at 2:21 PM

    Dear Nerd-Off Crew: As usual, a great episode. In regards to James Gunn, as soon as I saw the headline to the story I shouted “No one gets cancelled.” I remember when the story broke about him getting fired, you all joked that his old tweets were leaked by DC to get James Gunn. Imagine? Political trolling via pop culture critics and fandoms? Russia are the evil genuises that Cold War-tainted American History classes taught us. :-/

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