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BDS 277: Booyah!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Mary Bono resigns, Steve Penny indicted, La La and Melo working it out, Antonio Brown has money and gun stolen, Lynny Dykstra indicted, Khloe and Tristan having issues, LaVar Ball not paying people, Aaron Hernandez, Udonis Haslem’s dog accidentally neutered, former NFL player accused of pedophilia, Delicia Cordon suing Shady, Marcell Dareus herpes lawsuit, Kobe dropped from film festival, Pat Riley motherfucker-gate, Bruce Irvin, 9er’s leave Kaep out of montage, Eli takes responsibility, Knicks waive Noah, Stuart Scott’s ex sues Disney, Durant’s brother getting froggy, Carruth podcast, Peterman benched, Kaepernick speaking at Harvard, Pats fan throws beer on Tyreek Hill, Muscala dad a racist, NBA more popular than NFL and Kaeprnick doesn’t pay to fly out Instagram model.


  1. kccolon10

    Hello Rod and Jarmelo Anthony,

    This show is ridiculous. I swear to god, I never know any of the stories y’all are talking about. Hell, I barely ever know who these ball players are. But EVERY story is hilarious. I have thoroughly enjoyed what you’ve done with Lala and Carmelo. I legit almost choked on a Dorito y’all.

    You both get on my nerves LOL. It’s like you and Justin are my annoying older brothers that joke about shit that shouldn’t be funny, but I be in TEARS trying not to laugh. You’d think separation would be emotional, NAH. Oh, Khloe not being secure in her relationship with Tristan Thompson is sad? NOPE. Yo. I have been in tears laughing at how ya’ll talk about Tristan. I would not know this man’s name if it wasn’t for you both. Really, you’re helping his brand.

    Unfortunately, it’ll lead Tristian to another young, impressionable woman very soon, leaving Khloe as a single mother. It’s a shame the white woman community has to deal with this epidemic.

    HHAAA. Aight bye ya’ll lol.

  2. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Justin Tucker!

    I can’t believe that damn kicker missed the extra point. The Saints winning on a fluke like that is reminiscent of their Super Bowl year. I can say this behind the pay wall – if the Saints make it to the Super Bowl in Atlanta, don’t be surprised if something happens to that new shiny stadium before the game. No way in hell….

    I loved your discussion on The Shop and LeBron’s moves. Your fave could NEVER!!! NBA players are so far ahead of NFL players it’s ridiculous. Vince Carter was interviewed on our local radio station and he pretty much said he came to the Hawks to play for one year as he plans for life after basketball. I’m guessing he’s looking to do things on NBA TV or TNT, so he’s getting a head start here in Atlanta.

    Anyway – love the show as always. I can’t join in the live chat today because I’m still listening to last week’s episode.

    And Justin if you’re ever in the ATL airport – Piece of Cake has a kiosk in concourse A.

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and JP3

    How shocked are y’all that Chris Balls DIDN’T go for the testical foul on Rondo? Getting spit on is the ONE moment I could have at least understood. But that just proves it’s not an instinct move and my man has been on that Kobra Kai the whole time. Draymond is gonna be so disappointed in his union president that he’s blowing the cover. My two least favorite players going at it, I can’t lose either way.

    But shout out to y’all calling it months ago and basically giving the G-League game for free. $125,000 a year is upping the ante, now they just need to improve the facilities and cities and we could really have an alternative to the plantation. Either way it’s easier than getting paid working for Lavar Ball. But the story floating under a lot of people’s radar is the homie Rich Paul getting Darius Bazley a $14 million contract straight out of high school. He was supposed to go to Syracuse this year, but instead he’s getting a million guaranteed AND he avoids getting punked by grown ass men in the G-League trying to body up a kid so they can make a roster. Once again LeBron’s crew making real power moves.

    P.S. So far this season there’s only one player in the league averaging 20 points and 10 assists… that’s right! Kyle Lowry. He’s back!

    • Amani

      …Until he falls apart in the playoffs again. Shout out to CanuckDuke

  4. fyahworks

    Wassup rod & jrandon Ingram

    First and foremost last weeks bds was classic! Boo yah!!!! Lol

    1) like clockwork, the Cleveland overtime’s went into,you guessed it, overtime!!! Again!!!!

    2) Is it me or is John gruden having a fire sale in Oakland before the raiders head off to sin city? I mean I’m wondering if he will let go of Derek Carr for low! After that amari cooper trade, the raiders have 3 first round picks for 2019.

    3) last but not least, the fight, on Saturday night, the rondo/Cp3 “hate” has been brewing since he was in New Orleans. Do you guys think rondo really spat in his face? And what’s the lowdown on what happen between rondo gf (surprised he got one) and mrs Cp3?

    One Love


  5. rodimusprime

    What up rod and master J? I don’t write much but that carruth podcast tore me up bruh. You mentioned it in a podcast earlier in the week, but I couldn’t check it out until now. I’m from Columbia SC (don’t judge me lol) so that story conjures up so many memories from that time. I’ll never forget how many cats were saying back then ‘she was a hoe’, she was trying to trap him’ etc like that even fucking matters… Just looking back the tenor towards was so toxic-and I mean damn near unforgivable! Fucked up part is that mindset hasn’t changed nearly enough 20 years later. Anyway this isn’t nearly enough about sports lol. Thanks for what y’all do, and can y’all see these young boys forgoing college to get that $in the G league?


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