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1773: The Cancel Wars

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. D Ramsey PhDone

    Five Stars. I appreciate that Prince Roderick goes through all the horrible news just to keep us from having to. The Daily Show is one of my brother’s favorites and I love the diversity he brings to the show.
    Have a safe trip to and from California. Eat plenty of sushi for me! Deuces!

  2. Mel's brother Mel

    First lady co-pastor Karen did her goodT (yes good with a capital T) preaching tuh-day!!! Introspection is hard and not enough folk are willing (or in some cases ready) to do that work …especially when it comes to internalized oppression and white supremacy. All of us are affected by this system, but we don’t know in what specific ways until we examine our thoughts and actions. Truth be told, this sort of analysis is a lifelong project, but isn’t that the point? To learn and know who you are at your current stage of life?

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