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PG 173: Temperature Abuse

Rod and Justin discuss Justin fractured his wrist, taking showers as a couple, women using us for our warmth, Kevin Hart messes up the Oscars, Instragram, The Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte, reality show news, a moment of Iyanla and listener feedback.


  1. To the paywall pimps
    Rod and J trill;

    What’s up niggaz? Hope the week was good!
    Y’all took it to church last week talking bout showers and temperatures and shit!

    I wanted to ask y’all a question. What is considered a generation? Like how many years? 10 years? 15? 20? The reason for my question is because of the big stir created recently about the king of r&b for this generation! It was started by birdmans new artist jaquees. He is a singer, don’t really follow the young boy, but I know he made a name covering/remixes songs that are out! He did a cover of Ella mai songs trip and boo’d up! Then he recently made that statement and I’m like hold up bruh! You don’t even have a smash hit to call your self king! This caused radio and social media to go crazy naming their Kings! So my questions for y’all is how long is considered a generation? And who do y’all consider the current king of r&b?


  2. I hate/love y’all! I, too, am a notorious temperature abuser. Justin, don’t you dare touch the water heater! About 3-4 years ago, we were having issues with our furnace. A technician came out… in the process of repairing, he said that our water heater temperature was abnormally high, & suggested that we turn it down. Hubby & I agreed to the change. But, no more than a week or two later, I instructed hubby to carry his ass back to the attic to put it back to the old temperature!

    Then, after I gave birth to our daughter, 2 years ago, hubby suggested that we change the temperature on the water heater again, so we wouldn’t have a scare with her. I responded with an emphatic NO! & told him that he just needed to be careful when bathing her. LOL!

    On hogging all the covers… I don’t consciously try to take them in my sleep… I’ve always just attributed it to my hips & ass moving the covers about, during the night… LOL!

    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode… love you guys!

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