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TNO 125: Sex-Bot G-Spots

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Fable 4, Angels With Filthy Souls, another transformers movie, Dark Phoenix, Welcome To Marwen loses 50 mil, Aquaman making all the money, Walking Dead, Birdbox, Disney set box office record, 2019 will have most super hero movies released, Jumanji sequel casting, Once Upon A Deadpool release day, Mulan snubs Ming-Na Wen on Netflix, Soulja Boy bootleg consoles, Roku streaming service, Bowsette not happening, Pirates of the Caribbean, China lands on the dark side of the moon, James Wan mad at the Academy, Jimmy Kimmel prank, Sex robots with g-spots and Overwatch pro quits after harassment.



    Aquaman has made a billion already according to Box Office Mojo, and it’s foriegn gross in under 5 weeks has surpassed Black Panther’s total foreign gross accumulated after 25 weeks in worldwide release. I had so many ironic laughs at this film in the theater, but the vast majority of people seeing this apparently genuinely enjoyed it! Also, how can you be surprised that this movie isn’t good thematically, narratively, acting or plot-wise at THIS point in the DCEU shared universe experiment. This is absolutely the kid you grade on a curve. All the cracks and fissures lead back to their point of origin: Man of Steel. It set the trend. Every movie since then has been a course correction. You either enjoy DC films like Rod enjoys Transformer films, or just stop watching them.

    I loved how in Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse they paid homage to almost every iconically relevant, culturally significant moment in the Spider-Man lore that definitely left an indelible mark in the cultural zeitgeist. Yes, I’m being subtle.

    Speaking of which – the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. Too soon? The more cynical amongst us will say Endgame comes out in April, the first trailer dropped in December, and that of course the Snapture can be reversed…and Spider-Man, Black Panther, and other bankable characters will return. But still…keep the kayfabe going. It’s still real to me, dammit!

    I read an article on one of the creators of Punisher, Gerry Conway, with commentary about police and military who show an affinity for donning the Punisher skull, and the next day I’m working out next to a black cop in my local gym with a shirt with a Punisher skull complete with the black and white American flag with the blue stripe running through it. I mean, apropos of nothing but…Christ.

    Just finished the Preacher graphic novel the same week I finished, epilogues and all Red Dead Redemption 2. Really made me appreciate the Western genre. Arthur Morgan is one of my FAVORITE video game characters ever. Love that dude.

    I gave up on Titans. But, that Young Justice? My nigga!! Too bad I can’t do a viewing party ON MY FUCKING LAPTOP!! Goddammit, DC. Even TubiTV has an app for XBox.

    Aight, niggas.

  2. Amani

    What’s going on fam? Hope y’all all had good weeks, nobody got sued and may you all protect your jobs with the passion of Alexandra Shipp. I haven’t seen anyone this determined to tweet themselves out of a gig since Kevin Hart. It can’t feel good to have people talking about wanting a role you already have, and I know twitter gonna twitter but ol’ girl never does herself any favors. Black people and Black women specifically were the only ones going up for her in the first place, but she keeps going out of her way to erode that good will like she’s running a website for nerdy Black girls.

    Anyway, I’m so glad Rod mentioned The Immortal Hulk last week. This shit is so good! I’m surprised Kriss hasn’t caught up yet as much as he loves horror shit. That last issue having a Black woman talk about the privilege that Hulk gets to have in expressing his anger? Phew that was some real shit. They took it back to the old school and this is easily the most interesting they’ve made him in a long time.

    And that John Wick 3 trailer, let’s go! All you had to give me was a date. Yeah I’m thinking I’m back!

    P.S. Rod, I know you haven’t seen it yet because y’all some grinding ass no days off niggas, but when you and Karen get a chance that Broly movie is flameojis!

  3. logan2x1

    Have you seen any of Young Justice Season 3? No spoilers! It’s a revelation! It’s beautiful! When you watch Young Justice it’s like mining the DK branded comic book universe encyclopedia and it’s a good ass story. Each season has multiple stories and multiple seasons are telling one story. Get on it! If TBGWT does off season reviews I’ll die, but it’s cool if y’all don’t because y’all got a lot of shit to do. Kriss I can’t wait to hear your Young Justice recap you and Dpalm have been teasing forever. I’m patient.

    Titans is I don’t know. Me and my wife are just watching because it’s on at this point. I can’t believe Berlanti who brought us the Arrowverse is involved with this show.

    Aquaman is not a good movie, but I’d be lying if I didn’t have a damn good time. I can see what you mean when you say it’s 3 movies mushed into one movie. Aquaman is on its way to a billion. AQUAMAN IS ON ITS WAY TO A BILLION. Justice League is not a good movie, but it has everybody and it couldn’t break $700 mil.

    I haven’t seen Venom so I can’t speak on it, but I know it’s not as satisfying as a build up with Peter and Eddie with the stalking and hating on Peter and his family would have been. Sony wanted that instant gratification, but I strongly believe a Spider-Man and Venom story done right could be a psychological/horror/ action/thriller and not some cheap cash in. That’s just my humble opinion though.
    Into the Spiderverse is God. That sound track is hot too. I had to talk a friend into seeing the movie real hard and now she can’t stop with “Sunflower”.

    I read an article that said Simon Kinberg got Kevin Feige to review the Dark Phoenix script and I thought,”whatever nigga”. What fucking advice is Kevin Feige going to give you when your X-Men universe based on 20 years of shit is ending? You can’t reverse the canon of Storm’s hair being turned white by Apocalypse among other crimes against humanity these movies have committed.
    I want to see it though because I can’t stop myself. I’m a part of the problem.

    I just want to see Avengers: End Game trailers in the style of I’m a Mac and I’m a PC commercials, but starring Paul Rudd and Henry Cavil. I’m a Marvel and I’m the other guy. They have to appeal to the lowest common denominator though and that’s business. Drop the movie on me tomorrow at 3am as a double feature with Captain Marvel in IMAX and charge me 40 dollars. I don’t give a damn although that is unrealistic.

    Y’all I read Ironheart #1 and it gave me life. I got it on my pull list. I’m on the plane right now about to start Infidel TPB. Thanks for the recommendation Rod.

    I already wanted a switch, but I got no time to play console games and Karen got me wanting to pull the trigger on the purchase just because.

    Thanks for this nerdoff show. Between this, MTR network, and Nerdpocalypse there is a balance of fun and hardcore neediness without being exclusionary with some passion mixed in.

    Y’all are beautiful

    -Gregory B.

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