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BDS 287: Saving The Dick For Marriage

Rod and Justin are joined by Dominic Rivera to discuss listener feedback, Arian Foster, Kobe’s 4th child, Cam Newton holiday card, Jon Gruden firing people, Winston will return as QB, MJ doesn’t want to be the GOAT, shooting over HS basketball, Matt Patricia, Amar’e divorce, Reuben Foster charges dropped again, Derrick Rose comments, Patrick McCaw, Manny Machado, Chandler Parson beef with Memphis, Walton wants more from young Lakers, Wiggins, Lonzo Ball deadbeat joke, Jerry Jone yacht, Darryl Strawberry against weed, Enes Kanter can’t leave the US, Eric Reid wasn’t targeted by league, Cousins will start for Warriors, Jen Rainwater goes in on people, Tim Tebow is engaged, Antonio Brown, OBJ, Serena on her husband, Kyrie dating his friend’s ex, Chelsea fans are rapey and Ronaldo’s DNA requested by police.


  1. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod, Justin and hopefully Queen Karen!

    I’m so torn. With the new schedule I can’t listen live and join the chat. Man…… I miss the chat On the flip side, I love hearing Karen more often.

    YOOOOOOO! This was the funniest BDS ever. The first one I listened to at my new job. My new job with this open floor plan. I couldn’t even close my door when I was crying laughing. I wasn’t ready for Dominic talking about the dude on NY Undercover

    Great show! I don’t have any sports comment to add except…

    GO RAMS!!!

  2. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod & j hamberder

    First off great episode last week, shout out to Dom!!!

    1)Let’s start in our nations captial! You know I don’t feel sorry for Clemson, pulling up to the White House after a victory and getting cold hamberders, and fries, they should not have gone in the first place. This orange bitch lying about how many hamberders, first 300 then 1000? Make up your mind!!! Then giving them good China to put cardboard sandwich boxes on? Was that suppose to
    Make it classy? This fuck boy makes me sick!

    2. Shout out to the Brooklyn nets on that big victory last night! Beating that traveling ass nigga harden! He got more frequent flier miles than delta. But back to Brooklyn, they are sitting in a play off position, I believe 23-23! Last year they finish the season with 28 wins. I don’t see why they can’t surpass that by far this season and possibly make the playoffs.

    3. I think the biggest news this week was Kyrie calling lebron to say my bad King James, I didn’t know! I wonder if Bron him with a “new phone who dis” it’s so funny how shit comes full circle! This niggaz think it’s easy sitting on the nba throne! Have u guys see the pic of lebron from the finals with henny god fucked up and then the Boston game when Kyrie was mad he ain’t get the last shot? Then Kyrie throwing subs at the Boston “young guys”?

    i’ll Holla


  3. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jabo Swinney,

    My niggas. I miss the Obamas in part cuz they were classy. They were regal and respected the office of the president. And they loved Black people. So when I looked on Twitter to see those boys from Clemson go to the White House to be greeted by a smiling President Taladega Nights in a room full of cold McDonalds? Not even out the boxes neither? On the good silver? Tongs with real weight no less? With a portrait of Lincoln looking down, just ashamed, like “I didn’t get shot in the head for this nonsense”?


    A cold filet o’fish smells like a health code violation and a cold Big Mac tastes like getting called a spook. Shouts out to the homie Jermey for sending me my favorite pic of my least favorite coach: Dabo Swinney smiling like he ate a whole chicken at this thing. Whenever I think of the kind of glad-handing, bible beating, high key racist, condescending, white savoirism that defines much of college football coaching? I will think if this pic. If someone says “Trump voters should be ashamed of this”, I’ll point to this picture of a smiling Trump voter.

    This is the pic, btw:


    Can you imagine seeing this ghettotastic shit and then having a 49 year old man that goes by “Dabo” telling y’all to appreciate this? His name is Will, by the way. Will Swinney. Good goddamnit. How many times y’all this grinning bumpkin evoked *JAY-SUS* while he was there? Dabo probably looked at those Filet O’Fish like they were 2 loafs and fish with some extra grease. I hope Dabo got food poisoning from that shit and tries to pray it away, only for God to lean down from the clouds to say He don’t like ugly.

    I can’t wait to ask my fiftyeleven cousins from South Carolina who root for Clemson if *this* is their squad.

    Have a great day y’all and keep up the great work. Dominic was hilarious on the last episode. Peace y’all.

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jabo Swinney

    Look at all you Nick Saban haters now. Y’all wondering how he caught the BEATEMDOWN in the championship game running fake field goals with his kicker blocking, but Tricky Dick is feeling good right about now. You’re not about to have him on front street embarrassed eating McDonald’s off of silver platters! Y’all saw that spread, who REALLY took the L this week? He’s gonna be in Black parent’s homes asking them if they want their kids to eat better than McDonald’s, or if they want to buy their baby a suit just to grab some rest stop food at the White House.

    It was so fitting to see MAGA Dabo bringing his players who don’t get paid because of the racism of the fans and the NCAA, get played with some cold fast food visiting a man who’s President because of the racism of this country. You go out there a win a title and probably didn’t even let them get any extra sauces. I’m just surprised they went with Dominos for the pizza and not Massa John’s. Oh how the mighty have fallen! Only way this would have been worse is if he served some KFC Fried Chicken and Watermelon.

    But in better news, Serena byke!! Out here killing the competition and that romper. Said you’re not gonna let me wear a catsuit I got the next best thing! Had her first opponent on skates, spinning hard than Justin defending somebody lightskinned.

    P.S. Shout out to Nick Collison getting his jersey retired by the Thunder. Dat privilege is strong when you average 5 points and 5 rebounds for your career and still get your name lifted up to the rafters.

  5. thatdudefromvi


    Y’all. Had. Me. Crying. This episode was exactly like Dominic’s description of Harden’s game: magical. That sentence may or may not be awkward but fxck it I’m kinda drunk. My only gripe is Rod’s blatant colorism. Lol. This nxgga must be stopped. #IStandWithJustin . Stay strong brother, Justin. #JustinNation is behind you, bruh!


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