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MT 39: Reclaiming Our Space

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Rod is joined by activist, feminist writer and social worker Feminista Jones to discuss her new book Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists Are Changing The World From The Tweets To The Streets. We discuss the changing landscape of social media, the price of visibility, patriarchy within the black community, activist beef and more. It was a very engaging fun conversation that really turned into old friends catching up. Enjoy!

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  1. thegrandshuckett

    Great conversation. Please have Feminista on again (if schedules allow)!

  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Thoroughly great conversation you had here with Feminista Jones Rod ! I really appreciated her honesty and also loved her mentioning Anna Julia Cooper – everyone should read her book “ A Voice from the South “, very dope read!


  3. SuperWhoPotStar

    Feminista Jones is a name I haven’t heard in a long time and that is definitely a shame and my bad! Thank you TBGWT for reintroducing her into my life!

  4. Anzidavis

    Great conversation!!!!

  5. Clarence Crawford and some more

    Good, this was enjoyable. Really like how you lift each other. Keep on doing that 🙂
    As for why it would matter if she dated white men or not…Sigh, hey if negroes be sleeping the women gonna go elsewhere.

    Serena baby, if you listening, know I’m still here.

    But until then, Imma go find some niggerfish and see how much of that cream smears off or if it’s gotten better.

  6. Angela

    This was an awesome conversation. I never got into twitter and I am not that familiar with everyone who has come from that platform. Thank you for introducing me to someone new. My 17 year daughter and I will be reading Reclaiming our Space together.

  7. Felicity Ford

    This was phenomenally beautiful. What a gift to listen to you two talking. I was incredibly moved by the mutual respect between you; the sense of lifting each other up together as two people professionally engaged in making social media (and the world!) a kinder, better, less sexist, racist place. So many good points made about the intersections of feminism and anti-racism, and my heart got hope from hearing you talk about growth. I really enjoyed your reflections on how seeking knowledge, trying to learn, making errors and reflecting on our mistakes is the best any of us can do. PS: 1000% agree there should be no billionaires.

  8. PawNotPo

    Such a great chat, it went by way too fast. If Feminista guest featured in the every day show that would be so cool! Reading Feminista’s book now.

  9. GWG

    This was an incredible conversation!!

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